Why Use Python for Web Development?

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Why Use Python for Web Development?

With ever-growing technological demands, businesses are opting for programming languages that integrate seamlessly into a greater tech stack. Python is the perfect choice for companies who require scalable, flexible code that can function well in a variety of development contexts.

Ultimately, Python is a best-in-class language for web development due to its readability, versatility, rich resources and streamlined costs. Here we’ll take an insider’s look at Python web development to guide any tech decision-maker through its potential advantages.


About Python Web Development

Built by Guido van Rossum in 1991, Python is a popular open-source programming language with unmatched simplicity and readability. Over the last 30 years, it’s become a staple of the software development world by offering companies a “less code for more function” approach. In fact, this language is defined by 19 principles called “The Zen of Python” that include simple syntax, easy implementation and more.

Given Python’s 30-year history, it’s become a reliable language that’s consistently chosen by Forbes 500 companies such as Intel, Dropbox, Spotify, Netflix, Reddit and more. A steady stream of corporate investment in Python from companies such as Google and Amazon Web Services have also allowed this programming language to mature.

(Source: Django Stars)

In addition, Python web development is predicted to overtake the ever-popular JavaScript in terms of web traffic within the coming years (according to Django Stars’ model above). This is hardly a surprise given that Python is backed by an advanced toolkit, excellent frameworks, a rich library of components and a robust developer community.

For businesses and start-ups that need to scale quickly and keep costs down, Python is a simple yet effective programming language with a plethora of open-source resources to leverage.

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What Can Python Be Used For?

Python has several advantages for building scalable web applications that integrate well with a larger tech stack. For example, it has flexible features that allow for web scraping, API integrations and data visualization. This makes Python programming ideal for business needs such as:

  • Web development
  • Data science and analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine learning
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Application scripting
  • Prototyping and MVPs

In particular, Python is considered the programming language of the future due to its ability to power data-intensive applications.

Why Use Python for Web Development?

Python is a tried-and-true programming language for web development. Here are some of its greatest advantages for businesses who require highly scalable, versatile code.

Reason #1: Python code has great accessibility and readability.

Python’s approach of “less code for more function” means that it has simple syntax that reads easily. In addition, as an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language, Python uses different classes to create functions. Even if an error occurs in the code, other functions aren’t affected. This gives Python great power when it comes to streamlining software development and the debugging process. Python also speeds up web development through accessible features such as asynchronous coding, app scripting and server-side scripting.

Reason #2: Python has unmatched compatibility and integrations.

For businesses with complex tech stacks, Python is a top choice. It integrates smoothly with nearly all programming languages, especially C or C++, and can be used for embedded web applications. Moreover, Python has seamless integrations with a variety of useful frameworks, such as Django, Flask, Web2Py and more.

Reason #3: Python has a rich kit of community-driven resources.

Python boasts of robust resources that makes web development even more efficient. Developers can leverage libraries of pre-written code and 150,000+ available packages. In addition, teams can take advantage of Python’s reliable peer network, which includes a range of community forums and guides.

Reason #4: Python is SEO-friendly for web development.

Businesses everywhere are looking for programming languages that boost their web presence. Python is an ideal pick for SEO-friendly coding, especially if developers leverage the Django framework. Key SEO tasks such as creating a sitemap, improving site load time, etc. are simple with Python web programming and can increase a site’s Google ranking.

Reason #5: Python reduces time-to-market and overall budget.

Python is an open-source, highly streamlined programming language with excellent integrations and resources. Together these features allow Python developers to cut down on time-to-market and get significant cost savings. Overall, it’s a cost-effective programming language that’s ideal for young businesses and start-ups who could benefit from scalable, accessible web development using Python.

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Potential Challenges of Python

Of course, every company has unique technological requirements and Python may not be the right programming language in certain scenarios. In particular, it may not be optimal for cross-platform or mobile app development.

In addition, Python lacks the strength of other programming languages when it comes to multiprocessor support and memory-intensive tasks. It also has some minor design restrictions, which may not be best for businesses with high-level web designs.

Finally, it’s important for tech decision makers to find the right Python developers. Given the accessibility of the language, there’s a wide range of skill levels on the market. Businesses should carefully consider candidates to avoid more junior or inexperienced Python developers.

Python Web Development FAQs

Why is Python the language of the future?

Python is a future-proof programming language due to its utility for building applications related to AI, data science, machine learning and the internet of things. Its ability to handle data visualization and complex calculations makes it a top choice for any businesses with intense data requirements.

Can Python alone be used for web development?

Yes, Python alone can be used for web development but it’s fairly unusual. Most developers will use Python for the server side and another language such as JavaScript on the client side. Given its immense compatibility, combining Python with other languages is easy to do. In addition, programmers can speed up the software development process by leveraging Python frameworks such as Django.

Choose Python for Scalable Web Development

Python is a reliable, versatile programming language that can integrate well with any business’ tech stack. For small businesses or startups who must scale quickly on cost-friendly budgets, web development using Python is ideal.

As you plan your web development needs, your company will need top-tier Python programmers. To achieve the best quality code, take advantage of our elite developer talent community at TECLA. We bring together powerful Python developers to meet the ever-demanding tech needs of U.S. companies.

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Gino Ferrand

Gino Ferrand

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