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Why Hire Business Development Consultants Through TECLA?


Business Consultants in Your Time Zone

Crafting business strategies requires real-time discussions with stakeholders. At TECLA, we guarantee that your business development consultant will be available to collaborate throughout the typical North American workday. After all, our LatAm-based talent network of 40,000+ professionals is entirely located in overlapping, nearshore time zones.


Big Picture for Global Companies

Navigate the future of your business with the right LatAm-based thought leaders and consultants at your side. Our business development consultants offer diverse global experiences, focusing on technology and the big-picture thinking you need to strengthen your business in today’s globally competitive landscape.


Seamless English Communication

Recruit business development consultants who are seasoned communicators. Our specialized consultants on TECLA are thoroughly vetted for English proficiency, people skills, and more so that they not only develop new business strategies but know how to convey them.


Cultural Proximity

The best business consultants act as cultural bridges between your teams and customers. Discover top consultants via TECLA who understand North American workplace expectations for deadlines, teaming, and more, as well as the needs of your target markets.


Remote Teaming Know-How

As an elite virtual talent network, TECLA recruits professionals with extensive experience in remote teaming. Our business development consultants have great know-how in virtual offices, hybrid collaboration, and global mindsets.


Exciting Talent Ecosystem

Latin America is the fastest-growing outsourcing destination for a reason. The regional tech scene is thriving under government initiatives, forward-thinking startups, and a focus on innovation. Our skilled business development consultants are part of this boom of exceptional talent at cost-effective rates.

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At TECLA, Our Business Development Consultants Can Provide the Following Solutions & More

Business Development

Develop Business Plans and Reports

Get actionable short- and long-term plans for your company by hiring a pro-business development consultant. Our elite consultants will evaluate key sales opportunities, design development strategies and craft regular reports to maximize your business operations and profits.
+10 Years in Latin America Recruitment

Conduct In-Depth Analysis

A trusted business development consultant will identify market opportunities and challenges through in-depth research, competitor analysis, and statistical procedures. Your consultant will define data-backed strategies tailored to your company by exploring consumer behavior and business trends.

Evaluate Company Finances

Money talks, as the saying goes. Your seasoned business development consultant will review a wide range of financial metrics to understand your company’s standing and set goals for improving performance across the board.
Smart Contract Development

Handle Business Deals and Contracts

Navigate your business deals and contracts with a savvy business development consultant on your team. This professional will analyze contracts to make sense of fine print and negotiate as needed to optimize company resources.

Communicate Business Strategies to Staff

The right business development consultant will earn staff confidence, train them on new strategies, grant access to relevant technology, and oversee their progress. In this way, all teams are aligned with business targets and understand proper implementation techniques.
Exchange Platform

Build Relationships with Stakeholders

Our top business development consultants on TECLA build relationships with teams and clients to establish trust as the business evolves. A first-rate consultant will chart a course forward for your company while also getting buy-in from key stakeholders.

Ready to Start Hiring Top Business Development Consultants?
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Define Your Ideal Profile

Pinpoint key traits for your business development consultant, such as past experience, industry expertise, and soft skills. The most robust the profile, the more accurate our matching services.

Check Out Matches

In record time, our talent specialists will hand-select a list of business consultants who fit your needs. Review your matches and decide which candidates you want to interview.

Interview Your Favorites

Get to know your favorite business consultants in the interview. Discuss their backgrounds, past projects, skills, and more. And be ready to send an offer to your top candidate!

Integrate Your New Hire

Get business development consulting services using our tailored hiring methods. Once it’s official, onboard your consultant and kick off new business development strategies.
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Benefits of Hiring Business Development Consultants Via TECLA

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Get Access to Diverse Business Expertise
Get profit-boosting insights from pros in Latin America who understand your target market and business goals. Our exceptional business development consultants have the diverse expertise necessary to expand your company’s offerings and elevate performance.
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Align Technology With Business Strategies
As a tech-focused talent market, we recruit consultants who understand the role of technology in your business and marketing strategy. Not only will they identify market trends, but they also have the deep skills to implement them with the right teams, resources, and technologies.
We focus exclusively on Latin America
Save With Our LatAm Salaries and Hiring Methods
Though our LatAm-based business consultants are at the top of their fields, their regionally competitive salaries are 30-50% lower than in the U.S. With our flexible, rapid hiring methods, you can save on both salaries and recruitment costs to maximize your budget.
Bilingual and international teams
Enjoy Fully Bilingual Consulting
Our fully bilingual consultants can shepherd your business into the future. Get a seasoned business consultant with rigorously vetted English proficiency and communication skills so that all strategies are clearly conveyed to staff and stakeholders.
Scale Your Team
Scale Needs Through Virtual Teams
For your global business, you’ll need professionals who are well-versed in virtual collaboration. Hire business development consultants via TECLA to enhance your hybrid teams and ensure seamless company planning. We offer personalized hiring methods, so you can effortlessly scale up your virtual business administration team.
Top Talent
Find a First-Rate Business Consultant
Your mission-critical business plans are in good hands. Our talent specialists will recruit impressive business development consultants for your company by leveraging TECLA’s 10+ years of LatAm expertise and our own smart matching technology. Get a skilled, cost-effective consultant to steer your business in the direction of success.
Hire Top Remote Talent

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a business development consultant?
The right consultant will take your business to new heights, focusing on creating strategies to overcome current challenges and identifying market trends. For example, our expert consultants on TECLA will help your company navigate the future by conducting analysis, evaluating your finances, protecting your business operations and developing plans to drive results.
How to hire a business development consultant?
You have a range of hiring methods at your disposal! At TECLA, we offer flexible, custom services according to your business needs. Some companies choose to access our top talent network, but hire candidates directly using their in-house processes.

Others may require more robust services through our staff augmentation option. In this case, you’ll receive a full-scale solution for not just finding talent, but also handling legal, payments, HR, talent retention and more. Reach out to our talent specialists at TECLA to get a personalized recommendation for your business.
What is the salary of a business development consultant from LatAm?
It varies! The average salary of a LatAm-based business development consultant is $88,000 a year (U.S. dollars), but the exact price will depend on the candidate’s experience, specialization, skills and country of residence. However, compared to U.S. consultants, the average salary for LatAm professionals is significantly lower, marking a 30-50% reduction for the same high level of talent.
Will the business development consultant be available during my working hours?
Rest assured your business development consultant will be available during the typical North American workday. That’s because our LatAm-based talent network shares extensive overlapping hours with the U.S. and Canada, ensuring that your new hire will be ready to collaborate in real-time.
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