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Why Hire a Marketing Manager
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Marketing Experts in Your Time Zone 

Consult with your marketing manager in real-time to effectively deploy your strategies. At TECLA, we only recruit LatAm-based marketing talent who will be available during your workday. Our entire talent network of 50,000+ Latin American professionals is located in nearshore time zones to maximize collaboration.


Global Marketing Leadership

Empower your business with marketing efforts that elevate your brand globally. Our LatAm-based thought leaders and marketers offer diverse voices and experiences to craft marketing strategies that make use of technology, the latest trends, and global mindsets.


Top-Notch English

Hire a marketing manager who is savvy in communicating in English. Our experienced marketing managers at TECLA are rigorously vetted for English and interpersonal skills, so they can build strong relationships with your marketing team and stakeholders.


Cultural Alignment

Our elite marketing experts are well-versed in North American cultural and workplace expectations. From day 1, your marketing team will be on the same page for deadlines, communication, and more.


Virtual Experience

Seamlessly collaborate by hiring marketers with remote work experience. Our marketing experts on TECLA have extensive know-how in virtual teaming so that your marketing efforts and hybrid teams thrive.


Rich Talent Ecosystem

Latin America offers an impressive pool of tech professionals at significantly lower rates than the U.S. The regional talent ecosystem is booming thanks to educational initiatives, innovation funding, tech parks, exciting startups, and more.

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At TECLA, Our Marketing Specialists Can Provide the Following Solutions & More

Marketing Management

Craft Results-Driven Marketing Strategies

Hire a marketing manager via TECLA to develop modern marketing strategies that drive engagement with target consumers and uplift your brand reputation. Our pro marketers will craft specific plans across all channels and segments to meet your most ambitious sales goals.
+10 Years in Latin America Recruitment

Implement End-to-End Marketing Campaigns

Deploy a wide range of campaigns from start to finish, including organic and paid ads, social media marketing, website, email, direct mail, radio/podcast, events, search engine, and more. Our experienced marketing managers will generate new leads and sales by leveraging the latest in digital marketing, as well as tried-and-true traditional marketing.
Content Creation

Plan Robust Content Creation

Elevate your marketing efforts with experts on TECLA who can hone your brand voice. Our seasoned marketing managers will plan unique, consumer-oriented content for all channels. Boost traffic and establish touch points that lead to increased sales in the long term.
Consumer Research

Conduct Consumer Research

The best marketing experts also keep pace with today’s consumer behaviors. Our marketers are well-versed in analyzing market trends for target audiences, understanding the latest technologies and tactics, and identifying opportunities to enhance campaigns as needed.
Cost Effective

Analyze Metrics to Maximize Budget

Our experienced marketing managers have deep knowledge of measuring campaign performance in Google Analytics, harnessing new insights, and resetting goals for more powerful outcomes. In response, our skilled marketers will revisit their budgets and allocate funds for the most effective per-dollar spend.
Exchange Platform

Build Strategic Relationships

Strengthen your marketing team with a manager who builds trust-driven relationships both within and beyond the department. For best results, our top marketing managers will collaborate closely with multidisciplinary teams and industry players, such as media partners, agencies, vendors, influencers, and more.

How to Hire a Marketing Manager?
Follow 4 Simple Steps


Kick Off Your Search

Describe the ideal marketing manager for your team so we can build together the job description. Tell our talent specialists about key traits such as experience level, expertise, and soft skills.

Review Your Matches

Within days, you’ll receive a curated list of marketing managers who meet your requirements. Evaluate your matches and determine which ones you want to meet.

Interview Your Top Candidates

Find out more about your favorite candidates during the interview. Ask about their marketing philosophy, past campaigns, skill set, and more. When you’re ready, send an offer to your #1 choice!

Onboard Your New Marketer

Hire a marketing manager in record time with our flexible solutions! After signing the contract, start onboarding your manager and ramping up your marketing efforts.
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Benefits of Hiring Marketing Managers Via TECLA

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Leverage Diverse Marketing Expertise
Get top strategies from marketing experts in Latin America who understand your brand values and target audience. Our marketing specialists have diverse experience and insights to better engage your consumers and foster your brand in the long term.
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Embrace Technology in Marketing Strategies
As digital marketing evolves with new platforms and trends, your business will need a marketing expert who can adapt strategies as needed. Given our tech focus at TECLA, we only recruit savvy marketers who can pivot early using the latest technologies and tactics.
We focus exclusively on Latin America
Enjoy Cost-Effective LatAm Salaries and Hiring
While our LatAm-based marketing managers lead the industry, they earn regionally competitive salaries that are 30-50% lower compared to the U.S. In addition, our flexible, custom hiring processes speed up your time-to-hire and trim your recruitment budget.
Bilingual and international teams
Get Fully Bilingual Marketing Skills
Hire a marketing manager via TECLA to take advantage of our fully bilingual expertise. Our top marketers have elite English communication skills in order to collaborate seamlessly with your hybrid teams and enable your business to navigate diverse target audiences.
Scale Your Team
Scale Needs With Remote-Ready Marketers
Make the most of marketing experts with virtual teaming experience. At TECLA, you’ll discover managers who are ready to collaborate remotely and plan marketing strategies with hybrid teams across the globe. Ramp up your marketing efforts by recruiting our remote-ready marketers.
Top Talent
Find a World-Class Marketing Manager
Boost your brand awareness by hiring industry-best marketing managers on TECLA. With 10+ years of LatAm expertise and our own smart matching technology, we’re specialists in matching you with impressive marketers who can ideate new strategies and drive results for your next marketing campaigns.
Find the Right Marketing Expert

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Managers

Why should I hire a marketing manager?
An experienced marketing manager will elevate your strategies to meet your most ambitious sales goals. By understanding your target audience and brand values, the right marketing expert can shift your efforts and adapt your campaigns to engage deeply with your customers.
What does a marketing manager do?
A marketing manager is charged with developing strategies that successfully drive engagement and sales. For example, our top marketers on TECLA can create campaigns across all channels, plan content creation, perform consumer research, analyze metrics, and manage stakeholder relationships.
How much does it cost to hire a marketing manager from Latin America?
Marketing managers in Latin America earn regionally competitive salaries that are 30-50% lower than in the U.S. Specifically, a LatAm-based marketing manager will make an average of $35,000 a year (U.S. dollars), though the exact cost varies according to experience level, expertise and country of residence.
How do I hire a marketing manager from Latin America?
You’ve got options! At TECLA, we customize our flexible hiring methods according to your business goals. If you’re keen to get access to top talent but want to hire using your internal processes, you may benefit from our direct-hire service.

Or, if you require a more robust hiring solution, we also offer staff augmentation to cover all your end-to-end hiring needs, including legal, payments, HR, talent retention, and more. Get a personalized recommendation for your situation by contacting us.
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