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What type of recruitment and staffing solutions does TECLA offer?
By combining technology, tools, and the best recruitment professionals in the region, we offer world-class tech companies a way to source and connect with top tech talent in Latin America. We offer recruitment and candidate sourcing solutions for companies that want to hire candidates directly (direct-hire). If you want us to be your employer of record and also take care of admin, legal, HR, or payments, we also offer a staff augmentation solution.
How much time does it take for TECLA to introduce us to candidates?
This varies depending on each job’s requirements, but on average we introduce candidates within a week of starting.
How large and comprehensive is your talent network in LATAM?
We have 40,000+ senior engineers and 10,000+ tech professionals in 18 different countries across Latin America in our network, and 100,000+ candidates in total reach. We are growing ~10% month-over-month.
How can I be sure you understand the level of talent I’m looking for?
Our leadership team built TECLA as a way for world-class tech teams in the U.S. to scale their teams with LATAM talent, so we know what both employers and candidates are looking for. We also have our own past experience developing cutting-edge software products. We know the candidate side, but we also deeply understand the level of talent that top tech companies need. Most of our clients tell us this is where we really excel compared to other solutions in the market.
What type of pricing models do you offer for your solutions?
We build custom pricing solutions for clients depending on their needs. We are the most flexible way to hire in Latin America. We aren’t a product development shop or agency. We are a talent acquisition partner to our clients, so we can work in a variety of ways depending on what is best for each individual company.
What is the difference between staff augmentation and recruiting?
We focus our efforts on helping companies hire long-term, full-time, talent. It’s the same process for both recruitment and staff augmentation. The only difference is that in staff augmentation TECLA becomes the employer of record for all of your hires. We take on HR, admin, legal, payments, and anything else you need to be fully compliant when hiring in Latin America. In recruiting, companies are doing the hiring on their own, so they must have their own processes in place to hire talent in Latin America (i.e. payments, contracts, legal, etc.).
How is TECLA different than Upwork or Toptal?
Upwork is made for gig-work and it’s very focused on freelance talent, while Toptal is more focused on short-term augmentation needs. They are both great if you are looking for some extra hands. TECLA, however, focuses on helping world-class tech companies expand their own recruitment into Latin America. We are ideal partners for companies that are looking for long-term, core team members. Our network is made up of talent that is career-driven and not gig-oriented.
How do you handle payroll, benefits, and compliance for our hires?
Our partner Plane handles payroll, benefits, and compliance for all of our hires. You can use Pilot to easily hire and pay full-time employees and contractors in 100+ countries throughout the world.

You can get in touch with Plane directly to learn more.
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How do I apply to join TECLA?
We'll happily review your application! Thanks for your interest. Click here and you’ll be taken to an application process that will give us some more information on you before we get started.
How much does it cost me to get a job through TECLA?
TECLA is absolutely FREE for candidates. We don’t charge you a portion of your salary, take a cut of your payments, or anything like that.
What do I get as a member if my application is approved?
If you've been accepted into the network, congratulations! By being a part of TECLA you are getting much more than just premium job opportunities. You are also getting career coaching, tools, a community of peers, and resources to help you level up your career. No matter what stage of your professional career you are currently in. We’ll help you get to the next stage, faster.
What countries in Latin America do you currently support?
Feel free to apply to join TECLA if you are in any country in Latin America or the Caribbean.
How is TECLA different from a traditional job board?
We are very different than job boards. Being a part of our network means that world-class companies will compete for you, and not the other way around. All you have to do is create a profile and tell us what your dream job looks like, and we’ll bring premium opportunities directly to you for your review. Most importantly, we are selective about the type of companies we work with, which means we are making sure that companies that reach out to you are great places to work at.
What kind of companies can I connect with?
The best technology companies in the U.S., Canada, and even Europe, are hiring through TECLA. They span a myriad of different industries. We have startups backed by YCombinator, and we also have Fortune 500 companies.
What is the recruitment process like for TECLA’s jobs?
Each company has a different recruitment and interviewing process. Our promise to you is that we will always be by your side, supporting you along the entire process. We are in your corner, which means we will actively negotiate with companies to make sure they are offering you the best culture and compensation, and the most streamlined interviewing process possible.
How do payments and contracts work?
This depends on your country and some other factors. Let us know via e-mail if you have any specific questions about accounting, contracts, or anything else related to these matters so that we can better assist you.
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