What makes us different

We are changing the way remote-ok companies recruit and hire top software developers, QA analysts, and product designers from around the world.

TECLA’s Marketplace

  • Interview & hire directly
  • Teammates (not freelancers)
  • Total salary transparency
  • Talent in your timezone
  • 3,000+ top professionals

Traditional Offshore Hiring

  • Unqualified talent
  • Gig-oriented
  • Agencies w/ high markups
  • Random timezones
  • Total lack of transparency

Talent Profiles

Connect with software developers, QA experts, product designers and data scientists.

Hire senior level talent with:
Hire senior level talent with:

Top talent is hard to find

We can expand your talent pool 50x. TECLA has the best talent across the globe. Meet, interview, and hire - directly.

Top pre-screened talent

Candidates in your timezone

Hire team members, not gig workers

Pay only if you hire someone

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Work for innovative companies

No more feeling like an external resource. No more gig work or spotty freelance projects. Join top teams, directly.

Be hired directly

Work with global teams

Jobs that fit your interests

Long-term jobs + great compensation

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3,000+ and Growing!

Want to learn more about what sets our talent network apart?

TECLA was extremely helpful in ensuring that the right developers joined our team.

We’ve had great results with TECLA’s recruiting. The developers we hired allowed us to drastically increase the pace of our development process and try new things more efficiently. This is crucial for us as we continue to grow!

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