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We build high-quality software with the best nearshore developers in Latin America and a proven agile development process

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A Better Way to Build Software

At TECLA, we understand the common challenges of outsourcing software development. That's why we designed a better process that hundreds of world-class companies have trusted.


Replace Opposite Time Zones with U.S. Time Zones

Traditional offshore development often means dealing with significant time zone differences, leading to communication delays and coordination issues. Our nearshore model aligns perfectly with U.S. time zones, enabling real-time collaboration and smooth project management. Work with a team that's available during your business hours, eliminating late-night calls and scheduling conflicts.

Reduce High Costs with 40-50% Lower Costs

High development costs can strain budgets. Nearshore development with TECLA offers a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing quality. Our nearshore teams provide top-notch expertise at a fraction of the price of traditional in-house or offshore teams, leveraging the economic benefits of Latin America for significant savings.

Replace Low-Quality Talent with 10x Vetted Nearshore Teams

Finding reliable talent can be challenging, especially with offshore teams. At TECLA, our rigorous vetting process ensures our nearshore teams consist of highly skilled developers. We thoroughly assess their technical skills, communication abilities, and cultural fit, providing you with access to the best talent available across LatAm.

Benefits at a Glance

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Real-Time Collaboration: Work with teams in your time zone for efficient communication.
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Cost-Effective Solutions: Save up to 50% on costs without compromising quality.
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Top-Quality Talent: Access a pool of thoroughly vetted professionals with proven expertise.
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Cultural Alignment: Benefit from teams that understand your business values and work ethic.
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Scalable and Flexible: Easily adjust team size based on your project needs.
Open Quotes
The engineers brought on by TECLA assimilated quickly and seamlessly into our existing project teams, exponentially improving development and delivery. Thanks to TECLA, we’ve been able to reach our goals quicker, more efficiently, and with confidence
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Emilio Cueto - CTO
Nearshore Teams

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Range of Expertise

Nearshore software development with expertise in a wide range of areas

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Various Software Development Models

Build software exactly the way you want to build software

Staff Augmentation
Fully integrate vetted nearshore developers into your software development teams.
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Agile Nearshore Teams
Work with fully agile nearshore development teams managed in a collaborative way between you and us.
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Fully Managed
Have a project that you want to outsource? We’ll manage everything from start to finish.
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100+ Technologies

Vetted talent with software, web, mobile, cloud, and AI technologies


Nearshore Software Development Experts in Your Industry

With 10+ years of successful experience, we’ve been the nearshore software development company of choice for companies across every industry:
Nearshore Software Development Services

Financial Services

Building secure and scalable solutions for banking, investment, and insurance companies.


Developing compliant and innovative health tech applications, EHR systems, and telemedicine platforms.

Retail and E-commerce

Creating robust e-commerce platforms, inventory management systems, and customer engagement tools.


Providing solutions for network management, communication platforms, and customer service tools.

Education and E-Learning

Developing e-learning platforms, online course management systems, and educational apps.

Real Estate

Building property management software, real estate marketplaces, and virtual tour applications.

Travel and Hospitality

Creating booking systems, travel apps, and customer service solutions.

Media and Entertainment

Developing streaming platforms, content management systems, and interactive applications.


Building software for vehicle management, telematics, and customer engagement.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Developing solutions for inventory tracking, fleet management, and logistics optimization.


Creating software for process automation, quality control, and supply chain management.

Energy and Utilities

Providing solutions for energy management, smart grid technology, and predictive maintenance.

Non-Profit Organizations

Building CRM systems, fundraising platforms, and volunteer management tools.


Developing public service applications, data management systems, and secure communication tools.

Technology and SaaS

Creating scalable software solutions for tech startups and SaaS providers.

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Open Quotes
When we were interviewing nearshore software development companies, TECLA really stood out with how receptive and helpful they were to my laundry list of questions about hiring in LATAM. From rates, to vetting and interview behavior, TECLA has gone above and beyond
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Abigail Chambley
Director of Talent Acquisition

Why Choose Nearshore?

Learn about the strategic advantages of nearshoring your software development projects. Reap the benefits of working with teams in nearby countries, facilitating smoother communication and collaboration compared to offshore teams in distant locations

Cost Efficiency
Reduce development costs significantly while maintaining high quality. Our nearshore teams offer top-tier expertise at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house teams.
Shared Timezone
Time Zone Alignment
Benefit from working with teams in similar time zones, ensuring real-time communication and quicker project completion. No more late-night calls or scheduling headaches.
Client Care
Cultural Compatibility
Experience enhanced communication and team integration thanks to cultural similarities. Our nearshore teams align with your business values and work ethic, making collaboration seamless and effective.
Top Talent
Access to Top Talent
Gain access to a diverse pool of skilled developers proficient in the latest technologies. Our nearshore teams bring the expertise needed for innovation and growth, from AI to cloud solutions.
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Scalability and Flexibility
Easily scale your team up or down based on your project needs. Whether you’re expanding quickly or streamlining operations, our nearshore teams offer the flexibility to adapt to your business requirements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions that a company typically asks about our nearshore software development.

What makes a great nearshore software development company?
A great nearshore software development company is one that combines technical expertise, strong communication skills, and cultural alignment. The company you pick should have a proven track record, transparent processes, and a commitment to delivering high-quality results on time and within budget.
What should I be looking for when speaking to nearshore software development companies?
We always suggest that you look for companies with a robust vetting process for their developers and teams (English, communication, soft skills, and technical skills, as well as reference checks and background checks), experience in your industry, clear understanding of your project needs, and a proven track record with testimonials and case studies that speak to their success rates. Also, make sure to assess their communication practices, time zone alignment, and ability to scale teams as required.
What is the cost of hiring a nearshore development company?
The cost varies based on factors like team size, skill level, and project complexity. Generally, nearshore development offers significant cost savings—up to 50%—compared to onshore services. Contact us for a custom quote tailored to your exact needs and requirements.
What are the benefits of nearshore software development?
Nearshore development offers real-time collaboration thanks to LatAm’s similar time zones to the U.S., cultural alignment for smoother communication, cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, and access to a vast pool of skilled developers.
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Nearshore Software Development Services

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