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Our Nearshore Services
& Delivery Models

Staff Augmentation

Interview the best candidates from our vetted nearshore talent network and work with them in a fully-integrated model.

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Nearshore Teams

Tell us the type of agile nearshore team (we call it a Pod) that you want to build and we’ll quickly spin up the perfect team for your objectives. These teams work in tandem with your in-house teams, typically with their own agile project manager or Scrum Master.

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Case Studies

A proven track record providing nearshore development services
to some of the best technology companies in the world.


Automating Cloud Security

Oak9 helps companies automate their cloud security from design to production. They have engineering teams in more than 6 different countries around the world and wanted TECLA to augment their teams with developers in Latin America.

We worked closely with their CTO and engineering teams to identify the right countries and talent.

  • Sr. React Developers
  • Full-stack .NET Developers
  • DevOps Engineers

MediaOcean has over 1,000 employees worldwide. We were approached by their Chief Technology Officer two years ago to help them augment their teams with frontend, backend, and full-stack developers in Latin America. They had a few resources in LatAm but were hiring too slowly due to top-of-funnel quality problems in LatAm. They were interested in our nearshore software development services.

  • Weekly status meetings with their TA and engineering team
  • Cohesive strategy for LatAm
  • 20+ hires in LatAm
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Why Nearshore?

Put simply: nearshore is a great way to make both your technology and finance teams happy. Many tech companies are turning to nearshore development for a winning combination of cost-savings and quality. Nearshore teams offer access to top talent with minimal time zone headaches, fostering clear communication and faster project completion. Plus, you benefit from competitive rates and the potential for face-to-face interaction. Focus on your core business while our nearshore software development services fuel your product innovation.

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The Benefits of Latin America

Top Talent
Access to Top Talent
Expand your talent pool beyond your region and tap into a network of skilled developers at nearshore locations.
Cost Effective
Cost Optimization
Benefit from competitive developer rates while still leveraging a skilled workforce.
Build Relationships with Customers and Influencers
Better Communication
Overlapping time zones and potentially shared cultural backgrounds foster smoother collaboration and clearer communication.
Shared Timezone
Faster Project Completion
Geographic proximity facilitates quicker response times and streamlined workflows, accelerating project delivery.
Integration Icon
Scalability and Flexibility
Easily scale your development team up or down as needed with a nearshore partner, offering greater project flexibility.
Potential for On-Site Collaboration
The physical closeness of nearshore teams allows for face-to-face interaction when needed, building stronger relationships and fostering project clarity.
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Top Talent

Vetted Talent

When we say vetted, we mean it. We outshine other companies in the industry by spending more time and effort on testing and verifying things like English fluency, communication and soft skills, technical skills, references, portfolios, and more. We work with companies with the highest technical standards.


We take care of everything related to compliance, legal, contracts, benefits, payments, and more. Making sure that your nearshore teams are focusing on building great products. We are a U.S. headquartered company with offices in five different countries in Latin America. When you work with TECLA, you have a local and a regional LatAm partner at the same time.


Equipment, hardware, swag packs, and more. We make sure that your nearshore teams have everything they need in order to do great work. We have teams and talent in 16 different countries throughout Central and South America. Need them to have a specific set of equipment? No problem.
Client Care

People Layer

You’ll be assigned a TECLA Success Manager who will be in charge of checking in with you and your nearshore team frequently to make sure everything is running smoothly. Your Success Manager will be your point of contact for anything related to your team, making sure that everything is performing well, and that everyone is happy and on the same page. This is important because it facilitates the exchange of bi-directional feedback and improves retention.
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FAQ's About Our Nearshore
Software Development Services

What are nearshore software development services?
Nearshore software development services are a form of outsourcing that partners you with skilled developers in a geographically nearby country. This means minimal time zone differences, smoother communication, and potentially lower travel costs compared to offshore outsourcing. Our nearshore approach allows you to leverage a talented tech talent pool while maintaining close collaboration throughout the development process.
How much do nearshore software development services cost?
Costs for nearshore development can vary depending on project scope, team size, and developer experience. However, compared to onshore development, nearshore services typically offer significant cost savings. TECLA will work with you to understand your project needs and provide a transparent quote that fits your budget.
Which nearshore services does TECLA offer?
At TECLA, we offer a comprehensive range of nearshore software development services to streamline your internal projects and product development. This includes nearshore staff augmentation, nearshore dedicated teams, and nearshore custom software development. We leverage agile methodologies to ensure clear communication and deliver projects efficiently.
Why go with nearshore development services instead of offshore?
While offshore development to places like India offers cost advantages, nearshore services provide several key benefits. TECLA's nearshore approach minimizes time zone hurdles, fostering smoother collaboration and faster project turnaround.  Cultural similarities and overlapping business hours often lead to better project understanding and communication. Additionally, nearshore locations can make in-person meetings more feasible if needed.
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Nearshore Software Development Services

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