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Nearshore Staff 

Accelerate your growth with top nearshore talent, on-demand.

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Why Top Companies Trust TECLA

The best companies in the world rely on us for all of their nearshore
staff augmentation needs!


Hire with confidence. We provide a 14-day risk-free trial on all staff augmentation resources.

Pre-vetted Senior Developers in Our Talent Network

Access nearshore talent experts in 100+ technologies, fluent in English and in your time zone.


Scale your team on-demand with our efficient and cost-saving staffing solution. We'll handle everything.
We've had great results with TECLA's developer nearshore staff augmentation. Our partnership has allowed us to drastically increase the pace of our development process and try new things more efficiently. This is crucial for us as we continue to grow. They were very helpful in ensuring that the right software developers joined our team.
Michael Krug, CTO @ Jupiter Pro Parts
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Learn more about our 360° Talent solution. Work with TECLA’s top performers, fully integrated, while we handle all of the legal, compliance, benefits, and complicated stuff.

360° Talent Success Guaranteed

Work with TECLA’s top performers, fully integrated, while we handle all of the legal, compliance, benefits, and complicated stuff.

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Our talent team will start matching you with the best candidates from our community. Interview your favorites from our hand-picked selection.
Candidates rigorously vetted
Each candidate in our 50,000+ talent network has vetted English proficiency and a proven track record.
Flex Contracts
Full-time, part-time or hourly.
LatAm Salary Insights
We provide real-time compensation data by country. Leverage our regional expertise to tailor your job description to attract and retain the best talent.
TECLA Handles all Legal, Contracts & Compliance
Ongoing Training
TECLA continuously trains your team members on English skills and the most in-demand soft skills.
Risk-Free Trial on Hires
90-day risk-free period
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Play VideoMaila Manzur, Senior Mobile Engineer
TECLA's transparency, unwavering professionalism, and constant support have made it the most exceptional hiring experience I've had thus far.

In an environment where trust can be elusive, TECLA's clear communication, efficient processes, and dependable nature from our very first LinkedIn interaction have set them apart as a company I can wholeheartedly rely on.
Maila Manzur
Sr. Mobile Engineer

Get More Done With Our Staff Augmentation Services

We’ll handle the boring stuff so that you don’t have to

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Interview top software developers and tech talent in LatAm and scale your team in a matter of days with engineers, designers, and testers via nearshore staff augmentation.
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Every single team member you bring on for your team is working 100% fully dedicated to your company and fully managed by your product managers.
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TECLA's all-in-one nearshore staff augmentation means you worry about work, and we handle everything else, including legal, payments, HR, and talent retention.
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The Right Staff,
for the Right Project,
at the Right Time

Elite IT Professional

Deep & far-ranging expertise

Our network of 40,000+ elite IT professionals are specialists in today’s top technologies and trends. No matter your industry, we have far-ranging expertise to meet the specifications of your project’s tech stack. Our nearshore staff augmentation services let you take full control of your team – whether you’re developing on tried-and-true languages such as JavaScript and Python, or high-demand ones such as Node.js, Ruby on Rails, React and more.

Best Hiring Strategies

Industry-best hiring strategies specific to you

Choosing nearshore staff augmentation with TECLA ensures you will navigate your next tech project under your own terms. Our top recruiters not only connect you to world-class talent, but also refine a hiring strategy specific to your needs. In this way, your business can scale up impressive teams that result in more cost savings, greater productivity and reduced lead time on projects.

Trusted Partner

Transparent, quick & secure

TECLA is a talent solution partner you can trust. We pride ourselves in having full cost transparency into our staff augmentation services, so you understand what you’re paying for, as well as how much your team is getting paid. And while the quality of talent matches is our priority, you’ll start receiving potential candidates in record time – within only a few days. We won’t lock you into contracts either, as our services are on-demand and don’t require long-term commitments.

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The Benefits of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Get high impact results in record time


Get 100% integrated team members for any kind of project of any size and scope. Our nearshore staff augmentation services connect you with first-rate developers and seamlessly incorporate them into your existing house teams.


We strongly believe that our talent becomes your talent. With TECLA’s staff augmentation model, you can foster relationships with your new hires and power your short and long-term software development goals - whether you simply need more man-hours or are looking to hire directly in the future.

Staff Augmentation for Every Tech Stack

Over 50,000 Tech Professionals in 18 Countries in LATAM

How to Get Started With Our Staff Augmentation in Latin America



Create a job using our dashboard to share the most important details about the type of talent you are looking to hire.


Review Matches

Review applicants hand-picked by our expert staffing team and decide which you want to interview.


Interview Your Favorites

Use our dashboard to schedule interviews and bring candidates through your own in-house interviewing process.


Get to Work

Once you’re ready to sign off on the right candidates, TECLA will handle legal, admin, and HR and get everything ready for your new team member to start working with you.

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What Top Nearshore Talent Looks Like

Our proprietary smart matching technology and our LATAM staff augmentation experts know what top talent looks like:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nearshore Staff Augmentation

What is nearshore staff augmentation?
Nearshore staff augmentation is a way to take advantage of top tech talent without the headache of contracts, legal, payments and HR services. With TECLA you can interview and choose your favorite candidates from our hand-selected matches – and we’ll take care of the rest. What’s more, our staff augmentation model ensures you get fully integrated team members, so that you can quickly maximize a complete software development team.
What is the difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing?
Outsourcing is a general term for utilizing talent from other regions in the world. However, software development staff augmentation is a specific model of outsourcing where you don’t hire IT professionals directly, but rather through a local partner. This lets you leverage your partner’s regional expertise in contracts, legal, payments and HR services, so you don’t need to worry about these types of logistics and liabilities.
Why do you need staff augmentation in Latin America?
Staff augmentation is a great choice for companies who want to enhance their teams for better and quicker product results. It’s a highly scalable service, which means it can be used for project based goals or ramped up for more long-term needs. 

Software development staff augmentation also takes care of essential logistics in regions such as LatAm, where companies may not know how to find elite talent, stay compliant with labor and tax laws, and navigate onboarding without know-how in local language and culture.
What are the advantages of nearshore staff augmentation?
Numerous companies choose near staff augmentation as their preferred option compared to other outsourcing models out there, because of the flexibility it provides in powering different projects. Not only is it a scalable service, but it also tends to be cost-efficient, which is ideal for startups who may need to pivot a project depending on the available budget. 

In addition, nearshore staff augmentation protects your company’s liability regarding local labor and tax laws, which may be complicated for an outsider to understand.
Is Latin America a good region for nearshore staff augmentation services?
Latin America is the ideal region for fulfilling your nearshore staff augmentation needs. To start, the tech talent in LatAm is superb, with a wide range of IT professional experience levels and specializations. What’s more, the cost of hiring LatAm developers is 30-50% lower on average than talent in the United States and Europe – and for the same high-quality of skills. 

If that weren’t enough, LatAm is also a nearshore location for U.S. companies, allowing for real-time collaboration throughout the workday. This is ideal for advancing projects using the agile methodology, which requires close collaboration and regular iteration.
How do I get started with TECLA?
If you’re ready to utilize TECLA’s nearshore staff augmentation services, you can kick off the recruitment process by logging into our platform and sharing key details about the type of talent you’re looking for. 

From here, our talent specialists will hand-select matches for you to meet and interview. Once you’ve chosen your favorite candidate to hire, we’ll get all the logistics ready (including legal, admin and HR) to get your new team member onboarded on your team ASAP.
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