South America Time Zones: A Guide for US Businesses Expanding Remote Teams

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South America Time Zones: A Guide for US Businesses Expanding Remote Teams

How crucial is understanding South American time zones for US businesses forming remote teams in the region? Well, very. 

The time zone similarity between the US and South America is a top advantage, especially for startups looking to leverage the abundant talent available. 

This guide provides a clear, actionable roadmap for effectively managing remote teams across continents, ensuring your South American expansion is smooth and strategically sound.

What’s inside: 

South America Time Zones: Comparative Chart 

Navigating through the diverse time zones of South America is a pivotal step for US businesses building remote teams. The continent has four primary time zones, each with its unique operational implications.

Here’s a quick glance:

Understanding and leveraging these time zones effectively ensures synchronous work schedules and real-time collaboration, keeping your remote teams, though geographically apart, always in sync.

Why Time Zone Alignment Matters in Remote Work

Time zone alignment helps remote teams work smoothly, especially when they're spread across continents.

The close time zone between the US and South America reduces asynchronous work challenges, lets teams collaborate in real-time, hold synchronous meetings, and ensures project timelines stay on track.

The minimized time lag facilitates instant communication, allowing for swift decision-making and problem resolution, which is paramount in maintaining project momentum and ensuring client satisfaction. 

Moreover, it fosters a sense of unity among remote teams, as shared working hours enhance the team spirit and enable regular interactions, bridging the geographical gap and nurturing a cohesive working environment.

Exploring South American Countries for Remote Hiring

South America, notably referred to as “Silicon LatAm,” is swiftly establishing itself as a powerhouse in the global tech landscape, with a new generation of tech companies reshaping its economies. 

Some startups are not only disrupting global markets but also becoming international leaders in their respective sub-sectors. The region has witnessed a staggering growth of 286% in hiring from the global tech industry in the second half of 2021 compared to the first half. 

Countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia are rich in skilled professionals across various domains like IT, marketing, and customer support. They also exhibit a commendable proficiency in English, ensuring smooth communication.

Benefits and Challenges of Nearshore Hiring in South America

Nearshore staffing in South America is gaining traction among U.S. startups, offering a strategic approach to tap into the booming tech scene of Latin America. 

The region, often overlooked in the global tech scene, is experiencing significant growth in its tech industry, with an increasing demand for tech professionals and a rise in venture capital activity. 

Nearshore staffing, which involves hiring professionals from geographically close countries, often in the same or similar time zones, provides access to a diverse talent pool, offers cost savings, and facilitates efficient collaboration due to time zone alignment.

Navigating the Landscape of Nearshore Hiring in South America

Let's dive into the world of nearshore hiring in South America, exploring the talent available and how to navigate through the hiring process smoothly.

Unveiling the Talent Pool

South America is making waves with its growing tech industry and skilled professionals, especially in countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. The tech industry in Latin America has seen a whopping 286% growth in hiring from the global tech industry in the second half of 2021 compared to the first half, showcasing its untapped potential and the availability of tech professionals.

Legal and Compliance Navigation

Hiring across borders means dealing with a variety of employment laws and regulations. It’s vital to adhere to local labor laws and manage contracts effectively to ensure a smooth working relationship with your remote team.

Bridging Cultural and Linguistic Gaps

While many South American professionals are proficient in English and share some cultural similarities with the US, recognizing and respecting the differences is key. Creating a culture that supports and celebrates everyone will help your team collaborate effectively, even from afar.

Strategic Communication and Collaboration

Solid communication and teamwork are essential for managing a remote team successfully. Using digital tools effectively and ensuring everyone is on the same page communication-wise will keep your projects on track and your team connected, regardless of their location.

Overcoming Challenges in Nearshore Hiring

Nearshore hiring, while offering numerous advantages like cost-effectiveness and access to skilled professionals, comes with its own challenges. From handling time zone differences to ensuring clear communication and understanding cultural nuances, businesses may encounter various hurdles in their nearshore hiring journey.

Implementing structured onboarding processes, providing cultural training, and establishing clear communication channels can mitigate these challenges, ensuring a smooth and effective remote working model.

TECLA: Your Partner in Simplifying Nearshore Hiring 

Embarking on a nearshore hiring journey in South America? TECLA is here to streamline the process with a remarkable 96% candidate success rate. Over 300 US companies, including notable names like Mercedes Benz, Drift, and Major Soccer League, have trusted TECLA to scale their teams efficiently and effectively. 

With a robust network of pre-vetted talent across the continent, TECLA connects you with professionals who align with your business needs while navigating through the intricacies of legal compliance and onboarding.

Explore a simplified hiring experience and build a strong, remote team from South America, ensuring your company thrives with the right people on board.


How many time zones does South America have?
South America spans across four standard time zones, ranging from UTC-2 to UTC-5. However, it's crucial to note that factors like Daylight Saving Time and regional variations can affect specific time zones, making checking local times essential for accurate scheduling and coordination with remote teams.
When it's noon in New York, what time is it in major South American cities?
When it's 12:00 PM in New York, the time in some major South American cities would be:
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: 1:00 PM
  • São Paulo, Brazil: 1:00 PM
  • Bogotá, Colombia: 11:00 AM
  • Santiago, Chile: 1:00 PM
Keep in mind that daylight saving time might affect these comparisons, and it's always a good idea to double-check the current local times.
How does daylight saving time in South America affect scheduling for US-based businesses?
Daylight Saving Time (DST) can slightly complicate scheduling between the US and South American teams as the start and end dates of DST might differ between countries. Some South American countries do not observe DST, while others might have different start and end dates. You must remember these variations to schedule meetings and deadlines accurately, ensuring smooth operations across all teams.
Gino Ferrand


Gino Ferrand

Gino Ferrand

Gino is an expert in global recruitment having spent the last 10 years leading TECLA and helping world-class tech companies in the U.S. hire top talent in Latin America.

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