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TECLA was extremely helpful in ensuring that the right developers joined our team.

We’ve had great results with TECLA’s recruiting. The developers we hired allowed us to drastically increase the pace of our development process and try new things more efficiently. This is crucial for us as we continue to grow!

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We’ve been very pleased with the developers that we’ve hired through TECLA. Their team conducted a thorough personnel search for us and they were really good in the interview process. The engineer we landed on has been an excellent addition to the team.

Morgan Schwanke
Partner @ 3DIQ

Internally, we're moving much faster than we were without them and have been able to implement far more features. Once we brought on our first full-time designer, it made the quality of our user interface, product, and marketing efforts increase substantially.

Drew Batshaw
CTO @ Waggl
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Without the scalable solutions provided by TECLA we wouldn't be able to satisfy all our clients' diverse needs. We work with great remote engineers thanks to them. They've done an amazing job recruiting the right people for us while helping us stay lean.

Matthew Jelmini
Founder @ MinuteTillSix

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