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We'll source top senior engineers from our network and bring them into your recruiting processes for you to hire directly.

Pay Only if you Hire

We are a performance-focused company. We'll work with you and only charge a fee if you end up hiring one of our candidates.

Top Talent Network

Over 3,000 developers and software professionals focused on career-building jobs, not gig work. Hire real team members.

Our Step-By-Step Process



Enter your job description

Start the process with a thorough job description that can tell us more about the type of talent you are looking to incorporate onto your team. We'll evaluate your job description, work with you to make sure it's as good as it can be, and we'll use it to match you with top talent in our network.


Meet pre-screened candidates

We've combined AI and expert human screening to connect you with the right talent for your open roles. In 5-7 business days you'll start seeing the first batch of applicants roll into the dashboard. Review their resumé, skills, experience, salary expectations, and more.



Interview your favorites

Once you've selected the candidates you want to move forward with, simply request Interviews through our marketplace, share your availability, and we'll confirm interviews. If you want to export candidates to your own ATS, no problem, it's easy!


Hire directly

Once you are ready to sign off on your top candidates, send them an offer directly, and incorporate them to the team. We'll provide guidance in terms of the offer (if needed), and help figure out payments to your new hires, and more. Trust us. The process is even easier than it seems.


A Diverse Talent Network

Over 3,000 top software developers and professionals in the following fields:

Candidate Network

Recruiting senior level talent based in the following countries:

United States Canada Argentina Brazil Chile Costa Rica Peru Uruguay Colombia Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers. If you want to learn more, reach out via email.

Where are engineers based out of and where will they work?

The engineers in our network are based all over South America and Mexico. We have candidates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Uruguay. Candidates work remotely from home.

How long does the entire process take from start to finish?

This can vary depending on how long your interview process takes. In terms of sourcing, we typically start introducing you to senior engineers within 1-2 weeks.

How are contracts handled when hiring engineers directly?

Companies in the U.S. and Europe tend to think the process of hiring engineers in South America is dificult. Quite the contrary! It's actually incredibly simple. We'll even offer guidance in regards to contracts, legal, accounting, and payments.

What are timezones and schedules like with South American engineers?

Most engineers are based in U.S. Central Time and U.S. Eastern Time. In most cases, this results in 80% - 100% of overlap with U.S. teams. Isn't that so much better than working in opposite timezones?

How much will TECLA's recruiting services cost us?

We only bill you a placement fee if you end up hiring one of the candidates we bring to your interview process. That's right. If you pass up on our candidates, there's no charge at all.

Am I really hiring directly, or is this more like outsourcing or staff augmentation?

We are the only recruiting company in the U.S. focused on helping you directly hire engineers in South America. We are not an outsourcing company. Hire your own devs directly.

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TECLA was extremely helpful in ensuring that the right developers joined our team.

We’ve had great results with TECLA’s recruiting. The developers we hired allowed us to drastically increase the pace of our development process and try new things more efficiently. This is crucial for us as we continue to grow!

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