Virtual Executive Assistants
Virtual Executive AssistantsVirtual Executive AssistantsVirtual Executive AssistantsVirtual Executive Assistants
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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant
Through TECLA?


Virtual Assistants in Your Time Zone

Collaborate with your new virtual executive assistant in real time to guarantee seamless admin work. Our vetted talent network of 5,000+ virtual assistants in Latin America will empower you to find a skilled, cost-effective virtual assistant whose schedule overlaps yours.


Fluid English Communication

All our virtual assistants are excellent communicators who can keep your company voice clear and consistent via email, phone, social media, and more. We rigorously vet our virtual assistants on English language skills and communication best practices and encourage constant improvement.


Cultural Alignment

Not only do our virtual assistants have top interpersonal skills, but they’re also deeply knowledgeable of North American workplace culture. From day 1, our exceptional assistants on TECLA will be culturally aligned to your work environment in order to streamline productivity, team collaboration, and more.


Remote Teaming Know-How

As you build a robust virtual team, choose professionals with proven track records in remote teaming. At TECLA, our elite virtual assistants share remote work expectations and have extensive experience collaborating with hybrid, global teams.


First-Rate Talent Ecosystem

The Latin American tech scene is booming due to innovative government initiatives and top-ranking local startups. Our virtual executive assistants are part of the region's fast-growing talent market of highly skilled, bilingual professionals.

Hire a Virtual Executive Assistant and Boost Your Bottom Line

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Virtual Executive Assistants

At TECLA, Our Virtual Assistants Can Provide the Following Solutions & More

Virtual Executive Assistants

Communication & Scheduling

Streamline your operations by hiring a virtual executive assistant. Our first-rate, bilingual professionals can manage your inbox, screen your phone calls and coordinate your calendar by scheduling meetings to maximize your time and guarantee seamless follow-up and rapid turnaround.
Client Care

Client Care

Provide white-glove care to your VIP clients. The right virtual assistant can help you achieve a highly personalized touch, including quick responses, individualized outreach, relationship building, etc.

Networking & Planning

Expand your network with the support of a virtual executive assistant who can handle all travel and event planning. Boost your industry presence at conferences, client meetings, product launches, and more without the headache of coordinating them.

Light Bookkeeping

Spearhead well-organized, up-to-date bookkeeping for your business. Our impressive virtual executive assistants can handle time-consuming bookkeeping tasks, such as invoices, expense reports, and data entry.
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Project Management

Recruit a virtual executive assistant to oversee key company projects and internal initiatives. Our professionals will safeguard smooth operations through team coordination, resource management, data organization, research, etc.
Social media

Digital Marketing & Social Media

A savvy virtual assistant can maintain your online presence to uplift your brand reputation and generate leads. Our professionals can curate social media content, manage email campaigns, set up digital ads, and more.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant? Follow 4 Simple Steps


Kick Off Your Search

Zero in on your top virtual assistant candidates by defining your ideal profile. Our talent specialists will help you identify key traits such as experience level, technical know-how, and soft skills.

Review Top Matches

Within days, you’ll receive a curated list of virtual assistant applicants from our expert recruiters. Evaluate your top candidates and determine which ones make the next round.

Interview Your Finalists

Discover more about your virtual assistant finalists during the interview. Get to know their backgrounds, experiences, skills, personalities, and more. Once you find the right professional, send a competitive offer!

Onboard Your New Hire

Congrats, your virtual assistant is now a part of your team! Leverage our flexible, personalized hiring methods to ramp up your project and onboard your new hire ASAP.
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Benefits of Hiring Virtual Executive Assistants Via TECLA

Cost Effective

Enjoy Significant Cost Savings

Our virtual executive assistants trim your budget through lower competitive salaries, flexible hiring methods, and no office overhead. Recruit cost-effective, nearshore virtual assistants who can fill the gaps in your executive operations – while you focus on your core business.
We focus exclusively on Latin America

Get Specialized, Bilingual Assistance

With 10+ years of experience in the Latin American talent market, we have a wealth of virtual assistant candidates with top English proficiency. Whatever your business needs, we have professionals with a wide range of skill sets ready to offload your administrative burdens.
Exchange Platform

Scale Needs Across Global Teams

Hire virtual executive assistants for your hybrid terms. At TECLA, we offer flexible hiring methods, so you can scale up your admin team and reap the benefits of virtual productivity. Get a personalized direct-hire or nearshore staff augmentation solution according to your business goals.
Scale Your Team

Find a Five-Star Virtual Assistant

Our TECLA talent specialists leverage our smart matching technology and extensive regional network to discover the very best virtual assistants for your team. Our innovative hiring methods guarantee you’ll find the right professional to revamp your administrative tasks and save on company resources.
Hire Expert Virtual Assistants

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Executive Assistants

How much does it cost to hire a virtual assistant?
The average cost of hiring virtual executive assistants varies according to their experience level, skills, and country of residence. In Latin America, for example, the average virtual assistant hourly rate is $10 to $15. Compared to U.S. talent, these LatAm-based professionals can save you 30-50% without sacrificing quality.
Why hire a virtual executive assistant from Latin America?
Our virtual executive assistants in Latin America have exceptional skills to modernize your admin work without the hefty price tag. In addition to cost savings and no need for office space, you’ll get access to top talent with excellent English proficiency, cultural proximity, and virtual experience – all in your time zone.
What tasks can a virtual assistant handle?
Our top virtual assistants can handle any and all of your administrative tasks, including inbox management, phone screening, scheduling, client care, event planning, travel planning, bookkeeping, data entry, project management, social media posting, and more. Whatever your needs, we have expert assistants ready to lighten your load and save time.
How can a virtual executive assistant save costs for my company?
Virtual talent is a great choice for reducing your overhead and maximizing your hybrid team’s productivity. What’s more, competitive salaries for our LatAm-based virtual assistants are 30-50% lower than in the U.S. Utilize our flexible hiring methods today so that you can scale up or down as you need.
Will the virtual assistant be available during my working hours?
Given the importance of real-time collaboration for virtual offices, we guarantee it! Our entire talent network is located nearshore in Latin America, which means your virtual executive assistant will be available during the typical North American workday.
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