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TECLA ClientsTECLA Clients

Meet TECLA's Web Developers & Software Engineers

Meet TECLA’s
Web Developers &
Software Engineers


Jonathan Barquero CR

Ruby on Rails Developer

Full-Stack Software Engineer with more than twelve years of experience. He has vast experience in web-based and mobile development experience working or designing architectures such as client/server, SAAS, cloud computing, SPA, and patterns like MVC, MVVM, CSLA, Unity, Object-oriented programming, N-Layers, factories, continuous integration, and test-driven development with methodologies like Agile, Scrum and extreme programming.

Roberto Aley CR

Node.js Developer

Since he was thirteen years old, Roberto has been programming and got into websites and web application development at sixteen. Roberto is an experienced software developer with over twelve years of Computer Science experience utilizing various technologies and tools, including C/C++, PHP, Javascript, Python, and C# with Unity3D. Passionate about NodeJs.
Excellent communicator in English and Spanish, working proficiency level in Italian, and an understanding of Japanese.

Tiso Alvarez BR

React JS Developer

Tiso is a software engineer with a Computer Science degree. Over six years of professional web development experience.

Experienced with JavaScript and its ecosystem, TypeScript, Node, React, Redux, SASS, Unit and End-to-End testing, Design Systems, Docker, and more. He's passionate about mentoring new developers and communicating his ideas with a creative mindset.

Sebastian Balay AR

Angular Developer

Sebastian is an experienced software engineer with a diverse background and always eager to learn and share his ideas. He has worked on different projects as an onsite team or a remote team, developer, or tech lead during the last seven years.

He defines himself as a full-stack developer because he can ship high-quality code for both Backends (NodeJS, Ruby on Rails), Frontend (Angular, React), and even Mobile (React Native).

Alejandro Artavia CR

iOS Developer

Alejandro is an enthusiastic Software Engineer based in San José, Costa Rica. With over thirteen years of vast experience working with different technologies and stacks. He has a specialization in iOS and has plenty of expertise with Objective-C and Swift.

He builds and improves products and services for my customers by using cutting-edge mobile technologies and showing perseverance and passion for results.




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iOS Developer

What Our Clients
Say About Us

Douglas Santos
When we started our recruiting initiatives for LATAM developers, it was crucial for us to rely on a company that could provide deep local expertise to help us identify the best software developers in Latin America. The teams at TECLA really go the extra mile to understand our needs, which is what has made our partnership so successful!
Douglas Santos
Lead Technical Recruiter
Drew Batshaw
Internally, we're moving much faster than we were without the developers TECLA recruited for us and we've been able to implement far more features. Once we brought on our first full-time designer in South America, it made the quality of our user interface, product, and marketing efforts increase substantially.
Drew Batshaw
David Bradley
TECLA's business model and team set our company up with engineers that we have the real possibility of working with long-term and can grow with our business. TECLA came in highly recommended, and their pace from introduction to engagement to presenting candidates was very fast.
David Bradley

Begin Matching With the Best Pre-Screened Talent in LATAM

Elite Talent

Only the highest caliber of developers gain acceptance into our world-class network of top tech talent. Advanced English, remote-work experience, and more.
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Spend less time trying to source and vet the right hire. At TECLA, we leverage our community and network of the best remote engineers in LATAM.
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Every hire you make via TECLA comes with a 14-day risk-free trial period for staff augmentation and 90-day replacement guarantee for direct-hire.
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Sebastian Balay AR
Angular Developer

For All of Your Developer Hiring Needs

Why Organizations Choose TECLA as Their Software Engineer Recruiting Firm

Why Organizations
Choose TECLA For Their
IT Outsourcing Services
and Developer Recruiting


We combine the best of both worlds with TECLA intelligent matching by utilizing a unique combination of AI, automation, and a team of world-class recruiting experts.


With TECLA, you gain full visibility into each candidate our team selects for your positions. Easily review each candidate's location, salary expectations or hourly rates, intro videos, technical skills, experience, supplementary portfolio and social media links, and much more.


Once you narrow down the list of potential candidates for your position, you can speak to the developers or designers directly to learn more about their experiences and establish initial expectations. Request interviews and send coding challenges with just a few clicks.

Remote- First

Our LATAM candidates aren’t just skilled in tech. They also have the remote know-how to collaborate with your company seamlessly – all within matching time zones.


Our developers and designers all foster a spirit of collaboration and innovation to help accomplish your internal goals. After hire, our team focuses on supporting and helping retain your talent.
Hire a Top Developer Now

The Smartest Way to Hire Developers Via TECLA

TECLA is a virtual bridge that brings together your  company's opportunities and our talent community. There are two ways to begin hiring.

Direct-Hire Recruiting

With TECLA’s direct-hire recruiting, you can receive candidate profiles in-demand across the globe and sourced from Latin America. This selection is ideal for organizations that need a longer-term permanent solution. As an added benefit, you can also receive a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your direct hire. However, our current candidate success rate is 96%. So you're in good hands.
Direct Hiring
Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

With TECLA's staff augmentation services, you can leverage our top developers for ongoing short-term projects or switch to a more long-term solution if your development needs expand or change in the future.
In addition, our staff augmentation services can help you keep your budgets in line through month-to-month contracts. The upside of using TECLA is that we handle all HR logistics, administrative work, and more

Looking for an Offshore Developer to Work on a Specific Stack?

With TECLA, you can directly hire from our exclusive network of over 40,000 Software Professionals.

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FAQs About Hiring Remote Engineers

Why hire an engineer via TECLA?
Our efficient approach to hiring and recruiting provides your company with a top engineer in half the time compared to traditional means. While saving time, we also reduce hiring costs without compromising quality. That’s why we proudly have a 96% candidate success rate.
How quickly can I interview and hire an engineer?
TECLA’s matching technology, combined with the expertise of their LatAm-based recruiting team, saves companies weeks in hiring. Whether you hire directly or via TECLA, within a few days, you’ll have a group of pre-screened, vetted remote engineers ready to interview with you.
How much does it cost to hire developers from Latin America?
Frontend developers earn, on average, in Latin America, between $57,400 and $97,488 yearly (USD dollars). As for backend developers, they make between $63,240 - $104,433 a year (also USD dollars). Even though salary ranges may vary between countries, this variance has decreased over the past 24 months, and it has become standard in the region, with a few exceptions.
Where are the remote engineers located?
We have a presence in 16+ countries in Latin America. We have built an elite network of 20,000+ remote engineers vetted across various tech stacks from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and more.
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