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Felipe Xaus

Full Stack Developer




Felipe is a seasoned developer with 6+ years of corporate experience and 10 years total in the technology industry. Although he is keen on backend projects, after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, he currently enjoys getting involved in frontend projects as well.

Eric Chinen

Full Stack Developer




Eric is a veteran when it comes to overseeing web application projects. He has plenty of experience supervising development projects from start to finish in startups from his home country, Brazil, and in international companies from Silicon Valley and Australia. As much as he enjoys being a part of multicultural teams, he is also able to self-manage and fulfill his goals on a tight schedule.

Ramsés López

Full Stack Developer


Costa Rica


Ramses is a Full Stack developer from Costa Rica with vast experience in both frontend and backend programming languages and technologies, mainly JavaScript, React, TypeScript, C#, Node.js, ASP.NET, and more. Besides developing web applications and supervising projects, he has experience leading teams from different countries.

Diego Zambrana

Full Stack Developer




Diego is a dedicated Full Stack web developer and Data Engineer. He has more than 7 years of experience developing responsive web applications and data-based products while working on remote teams from across the region. His area of expertise is developing on React, Django, JavaScript, and Python. Diego is on a mission to continue making clean and readable code and is passionate about creating compelling user interfaces that will improve the overall user experience.




Full Stack Developer





Full Stack Developer





Full Stack Developer





Full Stack Developer

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Reasons to Hire Nearshore Full Stack Engineers:


Same Time-Zones

Timing is everything. Kick-start your development projects seamlessly, working with Full Stack developers and sharing valuable real-time interactions. TECLA’s talent network reaches 16+ countries with overlapping time zones with the U.S. and Canada. Stop delaying your projects due to time-sensitive tasks and start shortening your team’s response time.


Cultural Proximity

Latin American Full Stack programmers strongly understand U.S. culture, particularly workplace culture, expectations, internal dynamics, and quality standards. Additionally, most professionals have top-notch interpersonal skills. This cultural know-how proves valuable when striving to create the best work environment among team members.


Top English Skills

One of the most important languages of our Full Stack developers is English (JavaScript is a close second). That’s why TECLA’s talent network is composed of fully bilingual professionals, and our recruitment team constantly tests candidates on their language skills to ensure optimal communication with other team members.


Booming Tech Scene

Plenty of Latin American countries, like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile, have an exploding tech scene and top innovation initiatives that promote the creation of successful startups and unicorns. In some countries, government programs encourage their citizens to choose STEM careers.

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Full Stack

At Tecla, Our Full Stack Developers Can Provide the Following Solutions & More

Experience Screening

Advanced Frontend & Backend Programming

Our Full Stack developers have the skills required to write both back and frontend code. Because of it, they are versed in various programming languages and technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Python, C#, and so on. Depending on your company’s needs, we’ll match you with the right professional with specific knowledge of programming languages.
Skills Challenge

Frontend Architecture Solutions

With a set of procedures and technologies grouped together, our elite Full Stack developers guarantee an effective workflow and raise the overall quality of frontend programming. Planning and goal-setting are essential aspects of frontend architecture, and our talent understands them. They provide the vision and outline and set the steps for the rest of the coding team.
The best data talent

Server Side Database Systems for Backend

Trust the expertise of our top Full Stack developers when it comes to implementing database systems and setting up servers. With their analytic eye on frontend and backend solutions, they’ll achieve best-in-class efficiency and function for all your web application projects.
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General Oversight & Cross Functional Optimizations

Guarantee the successful development of your project from start to finish with expert maintenance and leadership. Our Full Stack developers ensure that the application’s original plan is followed. Increase customer satisfaction and encourage widespread adoption with seamless experiences across multiple devices.

Hire a Full Stack Web Developer Fast & Confidently

Hire directly or via TECLA with no intermediaries and guaranteed results.


Getting Started

Describe the key qualifications potential Full Stack candidates should have in order to join your software development team. Get our professional opinion on the amount of seniority, technological know-how, and soft skills that best serve your search.

Evaluating Candidates

We will provide a list of hand-selected Full Stack developers and engineers from which you can consider and select applicants. Prepare to conduct the first interview!

Meet Your Top Candidates

Interview your top candidates! Clear any potential doubts, and if they fit your criteria, you can start making exciting offers. Your team is about to grow!

Welcome Aboard!

You have now effortlessly scaled your development team with high-quality talent at half the time and cost compared to traditional means.
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Benefits of Hiring Full Stack Developers Via Tecla

Cost Effective


With our all-inclusive hiring solution, you can scale your team in half the time compared to traditional means and in record time. Our method expedites hiring without sacrificing quality, ever.
We focus exclusively on Latin America

LatAm Expertise

We have 10+ years of experience bridging top U.S. and Canadian companies with our expert talent community of nearshore Full Stack developers. With a unique combination of AI, automation, and a team of LatAm recruiting experts, we achieve our client’s goals effortlessly.
Scale Your Team

Smart Matching Technology

TECLA’s one-of-a-kind blend of technology and professional expertise is applied with the sole purpose of hiring the best Full Stack developers in the region while substantially reducing the costs associated with your team’s expansion.
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Stop wasting time on complicated hiring processes that don’t match the current market needs. A flexible approach to hiring, based on project length and the role's goals, is the best way to set our clients to success.
Hire Top Full Stack Developers

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Full Stack Developers

How much does it cost to hire a full stack developer?
Full Stack developers earn, on average, in Latin America between $61,452 and $98,499 a year (U.S. dollars). This range may vary between each country. However, variance has decreased over the past 24 months, and it has become standard in the region, with a few exceptions.
How do I recruit a full stack developer?
TECLA offers two ways to hire Full Stack developers, and the choice of solution depends entirely on your needs. Our direct-hire recruiting service is an ideal approach for long-term roles. On the other hand, if you are looking to hire for a project or on a month-to-month basis, TECLA’s staff augmentation service would be the ideal choice.
Are full stack developers in demand?
Yes! Full Stack developers are top-rated for development projects that need supervision from start to finish and an expert eye on both backend and frontend programming. Nearly every tech company has a Full Stack developer as part of their team, leveraging their multifunctional skills into every stage of their web application projects.
Will the full stack developer hired be available during work hours in my time zone?
Yes, we guarantee that the Full Stack developer joining your team will be available during your organization’s working hours. We believe in real-time collaboration as an agile tool for innovation. TECLA’s Full Stack developers are located in Latin America (from UTC-3 to UTC-8), which significantly overlaps the U.S. workday.
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