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Roger Gonzalez

Senior Back End Web Developer




Roger started his career as a web developer in 2013 and quickly specialized in back end development, working in local and international companies. His advanced English level has helped him continue to nurture his programming skills across multiple languages, frameworks, and technologies like Python, REST, PostgreSQL, and more.

Alejandro Devalis

Senior Back End Developer




Alejandro has seasoned experience working on API integration, back end maintenance, writing and optimizing code, and building projects from scratch. He is well-versed in programming languages and technologies like Python, MongoDB, and AWS. He has worked on exciting companies from Argentina and worldwide renowned companies like Venmo.

Saul Martínez

Backend Developer




Saul has dedicated his years of experience to building different applications and e-commerce solutions, from the very first line of code of a POS system to an online store in the cloud. He has experience working with renowned companies like Ösom, one of Mexico's biggest online clothing retailers, and overseas companies like Dub5 from Canada.

Valdelar Martins

Backend Developer




Valdelar has a strong knowledge and experience in web development and is an Oracle Certified Associated (OCA 8). He has successfully delivered complex projects and has full life-cycle experience, developing from the get-go and optimizing the code with end-user feedback. He is highly skilled in Java, designing and implementing reliable applications.




Senior Back End Web Developer





Senior Back End Developer





Backend Developer





Backend Developer

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Why Hiring Nearshore Back End Developers Is Your Best Choice


Overlapping Time Zones

Start your development projects off on the right foot by collaborating with Back End developers in your same time zone. We understand that valuable innovation comes from the exchange of meaningful real-time interactions. That’s why we’ll match you with candidates with overlapping working hours.


Cultural Similarity

Cultural understanding is crucial while attempting to foster the greatest workplace culture among team members. Our network of Back End developers from Latin America are well versed in cultural nuances and share the same values related to the workplace as in the U.S. Our developers also excel in interpersonal skills, which are much needed in remote work environments.


Fully Bilingual

While our Back End developers have unmatched technical skills, it’s crucial that they are able to communicate effectively in English. That’s why at TECLA, we constantly test the language level of all our candidates and offer exciting partnerships with online education platforms so they can keep polishing their English skills.


Fast-Growing Tech Industry

Government programs and incentives in Latin American countries have encouraged more students to pursue careers in technology. Additionally, the booming regional tech scene is responsible for cutting-edge innovation initiatives that support the development of successful startups. Both educational and entrepreneurial ecosystems have combined to create a strong competitive tech market like never before.

Your Projects Deserve a Solid Foundation

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At TECLA, our Back End Developers Can Provide the Following Solutions & More

Experience Screening

Advanced Server Side Programming

The best projects start with a strong foundation. Our highly-skilled Back End developers are ready to build the backbone of your website or app and continue to scale up, turning prototypes into intuitive, user-friendly products. While writing clean and simple code that works cross-platform, they will also work with the Frontend team and independently to deliver the best web/app infrastructure.
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Database Creation & Maintenance

TECLA’s Back End developers know how to stack and recover data from databases, control access to this information and keep it safe, using popular programs like Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, and MongoDB, to name a few. They will also spearhead the design and implementation of data storage solutions as well as writing protocols for data protection.
API Icon

API Integration

Application Programming Interfaces are essential to the architecture of server-side software. It works as a bridge for data transfer and communication between two apps, which is vital in any development project. Our network has expertise in both REST (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), as well as application-building languages like JavaScript.
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Testing & Optimizations to Improve User Experience

Leverage the seasoned experience of our talent community to create the best user experience. Once your website or application is up and running, we’ll ensure optimal display across different devices, overall performance, and scalability - adjusting the code where necessary. Issues will be resolved effectively and communicated to your PM and QA team when needed.

Hire a Back End Developer Fast & Confidently

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Identify the most important requirements for Back End developers to join your team. Find out what level of experience, technical know-how, and soft skills will best benefit your search by getting our expert opinion.

Evaluate Top Candidates

Choose candidates from our hand-picked list. Share your ideas with us, and we’ll adjust the list if needed. We want to ensure you interview candidates that best fit your job description.

Meet Your Chosen Finalists

It’s time to meet the selected Back End developers! Leverage this time together to clear any potential doubts and manage expectations. You have just one more step left.

Welcome Aboard!

Your team has officially grown! It’s time to tackle your business goals. That’s it. We take pride in making hiring fast, easy and money-saving.
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Benefits of Hiring Back End Developers Via Tecla

Cost Effective


Our process speeds up recruiting while your team focuses on what’s important to your business goals. While saving time, we substantially save you money. In addition, hiring nearshore talent costs a fraction compared to U.S.-based talent, and their skills are just as qualified! We believe great talent is everywhere.
We focus exclusively on Latin America

LatAm Expertise

From Mexico to Argentina, we are experts in Latin American tech talent. Our 10+ years of experience in the region and in-depth understanding of cultural nuances provide us with the keen eye you are looking for. We’ll effortlessly find the right person for the job from our curated network of Back End developers.
Scale Your Team

Smart Matching Technology

Leverage TECLA’s unique combination of technology and network of highly trained tech recruiters located across LatAm to meet your next team addition. Our unique approach to hiring will significantly reduce unnecessary costs and save crucial time.
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Instead of focusing on hiring processes that are out of date with current market trends, choose how you want to hire with our staff augmentation model or direct-hire model. Each option addresses hiring depending on your project’s length and overall goals associated with the role. Don’t miss out on the benefits of our flexible-hiring solution.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Backend Developers

How much does it cost to hire a backend developer?
A candidate's technical proficiency, experience level, and soft skills all affect the cost of hiring a backend developer. On a regional average, a Back End developer can make between $63,240 and $104,433. (USD dollars), that is 30% to 50% less than U.S.-based professionals.
How do I hire a good backend developer?
You can hire exceptional backend developers from our pre-vetted talent network at reasonable costs. Depending on your particular business needs, TECLA provides two alternatives: staff augmentation and direct hire.

By choosing staff augmentation, you’ll be able to delegate to us all the administrative tasks like hiring, legal, payment, and others. On the other hand, direct hiring entails using our thorough matching services before using your internal hiring procedures to select and hire your preferred applicant.
How do I find a backend developer?
TECLA’s mission is to locate for you the best talent to meet your company's goals. This is why we use our sophisticated matching technology and extensive vetting process. Additionally, our talent experts will hand-pick ideal backend developers who meet all of your criteria. If you are unsure what to look for, that’s not a problem. We will guide you through each step of the hiring process.
Are back end developers in demand?
Always! Backend developers are key protagonists in every website and application creation. Their unique understanding of APIs, databases store, security, and other server side languages and functions is crucial to every development project. They are responsible for creating the code that forms the backbone of your favorite web applications.
Why should I hire dedicated backend developers only?
Back-end developers ensure the website functions properly by focusing on databases, backend logic, application programming interfaces (APIs), architecture, and servers. That is why it’s beneficial to your company that you have a dedicated backend developer on your team. 

They will also work closely with the front end development team, QA testers, project managers, and architects to build a website. Not having a dedicated backend developer is like listening to an orchestra without a lead violinist; the audience will notice.
Will the backend developer I hire be available during work hours in my time zone?
Of course! We know how critical real-time collaboration is to secure proper functionality across your website or application. That’s why your backend developer will be available during traditional U.S. working hours. Since our talent network is spread throughout time zones in Latin America (from UTC-3 to UTC-8), we can easily match you with the right professional sharing similar working hours.
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