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Augment your team with a vetted and highly skilled recruiter on demand for as long as needed.

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Scalable On Demand Recruiting

Contract Recruitment

It’s more challenging than ever before to hire experienced contract recruiters and talent sourcers. We can help you augment your talent acquisition teams with elite team members that can help your company scale when you need that extra boost.

Scalable On Demand Recruiting
Scalable Contract Recruitment Specialist

Recruiting Experts in Many Industries

From generalists to highly specialized tech recruiters, we understand that not all job openings are created equal. It’s better to hire a contract recruiter who understands the market and the job requirements perfectly. These are just some of the industries we frequently work in:

Tech Recruiters

We leverage a personalized training program that teaches talent sourcers and recruiters the skills they need to recruit software developers, engineers, QA testers, and every profile in the tech industry.

IT Recruiters

Information technology is a very difficult field to recruit in if you don’t have the right understanding of the market, profiles, and trends which make their way into most job descriptions.

Digital Recruiters

We work with successful and fast-growing digital agencies and consulting companies that need to hire digital marketers, advertising specialists, project managers, and roles in digital marketing.

e-Commerce Recruiters

With how fast e-commerce is growing, and companies hiring as quickly as possible, the industry has filled up with recruiters who don’t have an extensive understanding of roles in e-commerce. We are different.

Finance Recruiters

The finance industry, like tech, is now filled with technical jargon that recruiters need to grasp in order to be successful. Our talent acquisition specialists are able to work on finance roles without missing a beat.
Customer Service

CX Recruiters

Hiring for customer service roles is difficult both on the sourcing side and also on the screening side. Our recruiters have experience assessing each candidate’s soft skills for customer service roles.

Healthcare Recruiters

We work with companies in the healthcare space, and our recruiters are trained to understand the intricacies of sourcing candidates and recruiting top talent for the healthcare industry

Hospitality Recruiters

The hospitality and tourism industry is suffering heavily from understaffing. We help top companies get to talent faster by augmenting their teams with recruiters who understand the hospitality industry.
If your company hires in an industry not listed above, don’t worry. We always partner closely with our clients to make sure that they get matched with the right recruiter on demand!
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On Demand Recruiters That Embed to Your Team

Lara Da Silva, Recruiting Manager from Brazil
All of our candidate sourcers and contract recruiters are trained internally by TECLA, which means they are certified to have the skills needed. No long-term contracts. Get the support you need for as long as you need it. We’ve designed a modern RPO approach that gives you the ability to augment your teams with the best bi-lingual fractional recruiters.

On Demand Recruiting Services Whenever You Need Them.

Trusted By
Top Companies

World-class firms in a variety of industries trust us to augment their talent acquisition teams and be their contract recruitment company of choice.

Trusted By Top CompaniesTrusted by Top Companies

Benefits of Contract Recruiter On Demand


No Long-Term Contracts

Work with our on-demand recruiters and sourcers for as long as you need them.

No High Placement or Success Fees

Working with our contract recruiters means there are no high placement or per-hire fees.

Your Hiring Managers Save Time

Are your departmental managers spending most of their time recruiting? Our contract recruiters can help.

Scale Up or Down As Needed

Recruiting is cyclical by nature. A flexible solution like our on-demand recruiters model means being able to scale up or down.

Support Your Hiring Managers

Small in-house team? No problem. Augment your team with on-demand recruiters and sourcers to save time for your in-house team.

Save on Contract Staffing

Having a contract recruiter on your team can reduce spending on external staffing agencies.

FAQs About Hiring Contract Recruiters

What is a contract recruiter?
A contract recruiter is a talent acquisition specialist that augments the needs of your in-house recruiting team in a short-term or long-term capacity. Check out our guide on what contract recruitment is to learn more about the benefits that hiring a contract recruiter can bring to your company.
Where are TECLA’s contract recruiters located?
All of the recruiters and sourcers on our team who are available to augment your team are located in Latin America. They are fully bilingual and have been trained by our leadership team in skills such as sourcing, selection, outreach, screening, and more.
How do I communicate with my contract recruiters?
Our contract recruiters will join your team and become fully integrated under the direction of your in-house talent acquisition team. They can interface with your teams via email, Slack, Microsoft Team, or any other communication tool of your choice.
How long does it take to start working with my recruiter?
We can typically match you with one of our recruiters in a matter of one week. Most engagements kick off within 2 weeks from starting the process.
What geographies can TECLA’s recruiters serve?
Because our on-demand recruiters are fully bilingual, they can work on any of your talent acquisition requirements. Be it in Latin America or the U.S., Canada, Europe, or Asia.
What tools are your contract recruiters provided?
It is typically our clients who decide which tools and licenses TECLA’s recruiters will be provided. Most of our clients provide their TECLA recruiters with a LinkedIn Recruiter seat and access to their internal ATS, among other tools in the market used for sourcing candidates.
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