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Scale your teams with top senior-level software engineers, developers, designers, QA, and data scientists in Latin America.

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TECLA is an exclusive network made up of the best tech talent in Latin America. Over 10+ years perfecting our vetting and screening processes and building a talent pool of the top developers in the region. All candidates are fluent in English, work in U.S. time zones, and have the right skills needed in today's cutting-edge tech market.


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Why Go With Nearshore Software Development To Scale Your Teams?

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Nearshore software development enables you to reduce costs between 30-50% compared to hiring local developers. Since the work is done remotely and there is no need for sponsorships or relocations, you’ll access senior-level talent at a fraction of the cost without compromising quality.
Bilingual and international teams

Language & Cultural Similarities

Most countries in Latin America have a high level of English proficiency and share cultural values and nuances with the U.S. This means easier communication, fewer misunderstandings or misinterpretations, and ultimately results in a more efficient and effective development process.
Shared Timezone

Access Top Talent in Close Time Zones

Working with a nearshore developer means leveraging the same time zones, especially for businesses in the US. For example, suppose a company is located in California. In that case, they can work with a nearshore developer in Colombia or Peru and work on a similar schedule. This results in more real-time interactions vital to innovation and faster project completion times.
Top Talent

Improve Quality & Speed to Market

Benefit from the rapid scalability a nearshore software outsourcing solution can provide for your company. Leverage the expertise of the very best Latin American tech talent available to fit your budget and be flexible enough for you to hire permanently or per project. This giant tech region offers remote-ready professionals who will become key actors in fulfilling your business goals quickly and with top quality.

Top Nearshore Talent in LatAm

We've sourced and screened the best nearshore software developers in places like Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, and 11 other countries throughout South America, so that you don't have to.

Top Talent in LatAm
Camila Grizio
Product Designer
Top Talent in LatAm
Rodrigo Cavassan
Software Engineer
Top Talent in LatAm
German Rocha
Full-Stack Developer
Abigail Houck, COO @TECLA

by Developers

As the world becomes more connected, there is a greater demand for nearshore software development talent, and Latin America has emerged as a hub for U.S. companies looking for highly skilled developers.

Companies in the U.S. can leverage the benefits of working with top-tier LatAm talent to accelerate their product development and gain a competitive edge, thanks to a deep pool of technical expertise, cultural compatibility, and cost-effective rates.
Abigail Houck
Gino Ferrand Linkedin
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Experts in Latin American Tech Talent

We have successfully placed 1,000+ professionals in 300+ U.S. companies

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Vetted Talent + Top Skills

From Mexico to Brazil, TECLA has vetted candidates in 18+ countries. Thousands of talented experts are part of our network, including developers, designers, PMs, marketers, virtual assistants, and more!

Our Most Popular Locations in LATAM

Over a Decade Building a Strong Network of Nearshore Developers

We focus exclusively on Latin America

Experts in the Region

Leverage our smart-matching technology and the expertise of our on-site recruiters. With 10+ years of experience in the Latin American tech talent market, we are fully versed in cultural nuances, compliance, regulations, and more! Overall, Latin America's tech talent pool is competitive and continues to grow in importance in the global tech industry.

The largest network of elite talent in the region

Rigorous Vetting Process

Our LatAm recruiters are committed to finding the best candidates for our network, using industry-leading filters to ensure that only the most qualified candidates pass the screening process. Candidates must go through several steps to join our top-rated tech recruiting platform, such as soft skills, English and communication tests, and overall experience. Our rigorous screening process ensures that we only provide the most qualified candidates. Finally, to provide a final layer of screening, we tailor our recruitment process based on the open position.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nearshore software development?
Nearshore software development is a type of outsourcing in which businesses hire software development teams in nearby countries. This model offers several advantages, such as proximity, cultural compatibility, and cost-effectiveness, while still allowing for effective communication and collaboration.
What is the difference between nearshore and offshore software development?
The location of the outsourcing team is the main difference between nearshore and offshore software development. Nearshore teams work in nearby countries with similar time zones, while offshore teams work across continents and time zones. Nearshore outsourcing has advantages in terms of cultural similarity, communication, and travel costs. In contrast, offshore outsourcing is typically less expensive but could present language barriers, require more complex communication structures, and offer a few similar hours for real-time interactions.
What are the benefits of nearshore?
Cost-effectiveness: Compared to hiring in the U.S. for the same profiles and expertise, nearshore outsourcing typically saves money.

Location: Nearshore outsourcing teams are located close to one another, making travel and communication easier and more effective.

Cultural compatibility: Because nearshore outsourcing teams come from similar cultural backgrounds, it is easier to establish effective communication and collaboration. The onboarding process is usually shorter compared to offshoring.

Time zone alignment: Nearshore outsourcing teams typically work in similar time zones, reducing delays and allowing for real-time communication.

Expertise: Nearshore outsourcing teams provide access to specialized skills and expertise that may not be available locally in areas such as product development, web development, mobile apps, and more.

How much does it cost to hire nearshore developers from LatAm?
While salary ranges may vary between countries, hiring developers from this region supposes a 30%-50% cost saving compared to local hiring. If you are looking for a particular role, we recommend downloading our 2023 LatAm Compensation Report. There you will find detailed insights on the region and salaries based on profile.
Does Latin America offer a competitive tech talent pool?
Yes! With an increasing number of startups, tech companies, and talented professionals entering the scene in recent years, the region has emerged as a major hub for technology and innovation.

Latin America has a large and diverse tech talent pool, with many universities and technical schools providing world-class education in computer science, engineering, and related fields. The region is also known for its thriving entrepreneurial culture, with many young professionals launching their own businesses and bringing new ideas to market.
How quickly can I interview and hire nearshore software developers?
Leverage our team of expert recruiters and avoid the hassle of hiring internally. Hiring with our method saves you time and resources. Whether you hire directly or through TECLA, your business will benefit from our matching technology and deep knowledge of the region. A group of pre-screened data scientists will be ready to interview with you within a few days!
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