Our Talent

Frontend DevelopersDevelopers who handle everything from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and functionality.

Backend DevelopersDevelopers who specialize in databases and backend languages, logic, and functionality.

Mobile DevelopersDevelopers specializing in building mobile apps for platforms like iOS and Android.

Web DesignersDevelopers specializing in user experience, HTML, CSS and tools like Sass and LESS.


Only open to top talent.

Acceptance into TECLA's network is highly coveted. Having worked for years developing high quality software for large clients in Silicon Valley and Latin America, we have identified the traits and skills needed by remote developers to seamlessly integrate with in-house teams. We only work with developers and designers who have gone through a thorough screening process.

A thorough screening process yields top quality.

Only the very best developers make it into our network.


We believe communication is crucial for any successful working relationship. Every candidate is tested for innate abilities to communicate around the work being done.

English Tests

Along the lines of communication, we thoroughly test every team member to make sure he or she has high proficiencies in written/read/spoken English. Every candidate will be able to communicate smoothly.


We have personal interviews with all of our team members. Not just once, but several times. We've built a culture around our team because we believe personalities are a huge factor affecting teamwork.

Technical Screenings

After having our initial personal interviews, we derive candidates to have meetings with our technical recruiting team. These interviews allow for more in-depth technical conversations and analysis.

Algorithm Tests

Part of our technical screening process involves working with candidates on prepared logic and algorithm tests to evaluate how proficient potential engineers are with algorithms regardless of programming language.

Technical Tests

After performing more abstract logic tests, we actually make candidates dive into technical tests appropriate to the languages and expertise the candidate claims to have. We make sure candidates are experts in their field.

Portfolio and GitHub Evals

During our meetings with our members, we constantly peek at their GitHub repos and check out the type of work they are building. Tests are nice, but real projects are better.

Equipment Validation

We make sure developers have the necessary equipment to work remotely. If they don't work from our co-working spaces, we make sure they own equipment such as iOS devices if they are iOS developers.

Constant Follow Up

Our evaluation process isn't at all complete once the developer or designer makes it into our network. That's just the beginning. We make sure to follow up both with our talent and our employers.