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Our unique solution for working with top-tier software developers in the U.S. and Latin America helps you reap the benefits of a regional talent pool while keeping the development 100% in-house and within the same timezone. This isn't outsourcing. There isn't a 3rd party building your products. You bring in your own developers through TECLA.

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iOS & Backend Web Developer

Gonzalo's Story

Gonzalo Perez is an iOS and back-end web developer with over 7 years of experience developing native apps. Back when he worked for an agency, he didn't feel very connected to the products he was building. When he joined TECLA's team, this changed.

We quickly interfaced Gonzalo with a client startup in Redwood City, CA. They needed talent brought in-house quickly and effectively, so they contacted TECLA.

Gonzalo is still assigned to this client, and he is still an esential piece to their team, completely integrated, working out of our central offices in Lima, Peru

Wala! The magic of hiring vettted, top quality, team members through TECLA.

  • iOS Objective-C
  • iOS Swift
  • PHP
  • PHP Laravel
  • API Building
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