Some of your Questions:

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General Questions (6)

How is TECLA different from other remote hiring platforms?
Although there are several options when looking to hire remote engineers or designers, few of these other solutions actually partner with you the way that TECLA does. While virtual hiring platforms like oDesk, or Elance, focus on putting you in front of a multitude of candidates that haven't gone through any screening or evaluation, TECLA focuses on offering you top talent from our very own Tecla Labs team in Latin America.

We focus on matching you with talent that can really help you grow. In order to keep the high success rate we have, we match you with engineers and designers who our teams have thoroughly screened, tested, evaluated and work with. If we need to hire new team members ourselves, we actually go the extra mile by having personal interviews, as well as technical interviews. This way, we guarantee that you are getting a remote engineer or designer that is highly experienced with the technologies you need, can communicate in English without any problems, is available for a full-time commitment, and can easily integrate with your company's culture.
How does the risk-free trial period work?
Our risk-free trial period is really straightforward. Once you hire one of our engineers, you get a full two-week period to test out what it's like to work with our team. If you are not satisfied, for any reason at all, during those initial two weeks, we won't bill you anything at all, and we'll help you find the right candidate, free of charge.

Even if our matching process is thorough, great working relationships aren't easy to build. For this reason, we will never question your reasons for wanting to part ways with our engineers. The trial period is completely risk-free.
Is it really risk free?
100%. You won't owe any money at all if you decide to part ways with your engineer during the first two weeks. We won't bill for a single hour of work.
How do I get started?
Simply click on the top-right button, “Hire Talent”, fill out a simple form to be a hiring partner, we'll review it, and get back to you within one (1) business day to confirm your request and chat about your needs.

Feel like calling us and speaking to a real person about your needs? Awesome! Call us @ +1 (650)241-2676 or email us.
What's the process to end a working relationship with a TECLA resource?
Submit a “Request to End Service”. Fill out some details, and that's that. Effective immediately, billable hours can no longer accumulate. You can elect to communicate directly with your engineer to let him know why things are changing, or we can handle the entire process for you.

Pricing & Payment (4)

Are there any upfront fees to hire designers or engineers through TECLA?
The very first time that you hire through TECLA there is a $500 deposit, which will be credited toward your first invoice. This deposit is only required once we have matched you with candidates and you are ready to work with one, or several, of them. Thereafter, there are never any upfront payments to find talent through TECLA.
How much does TECLA cost?
We will always work with you to find a price that works for your budget. Usually, our engagements are more affordable than hiring full-time remote developers based in the U.S., but that is not the benefit we really push. We think of it as a perk, but the real value is in the quality of our developers and designers.

How are payments and invoices handled?
Invoices are automatically sent out every two weeks.

Screening & Quality(3)

How do you find, screen, and test your team members?
We've built our team by being present in the Latin America tech markets since 2010. This means our connections are as real as it gets.

All of our candidate screening is performed by our technical recruiting teams. These teams are comprised of senior and architect level engineers who are able to perform the appropriate technical tests depending on the candidate's technology proficiency.

First, we have interviews to meet engineers and designers who are trying to join our team. Then, we assess their technical level. We have prepared tests that allow us to measure technical capacity. We try to get to know the candidate personally to know what his or her personality traits are. We evaluate references and past experience. We perform English tests centered around development scenarios. Thoroughly, we make sure that each candidate has the skills, the personality, and the professionalism.
What if I'm not satisfied with the engineer I'm working with?
No problem. If you are still within your two-week trial period with this resource, we'll make sure to not bill any hours at all, and we'll start looking for the right replacement immediately. If past our risk-free trial period, you are unsatisfied with your developer or designer, please let us know by emailing us at You can also call us at +1(650)241-2676.
What level of written/read/spoken English do TECLA members have?
Every single one of our team members is tested thoroughly to be able to communicate smoothly in English. We understand how important this is. We don't just take the word of each candidate, we actually have conversations and share written tests with each of them to make sure their skills aren't being misrepresented. We test each candidate to make sure they have a level of English (read/written/spoken) that surpasses expectations and allows for great work. However, every one of our developers and engineers has a different level of English. This level of English proficiency is shared with you during the search process.

Geography (5)

Where are your developers and designers located geographically?
Most of our engineers work out of our Peru offices.
What timezones are TECLA members in?
Timezones are one of our talent pool's most important advantages compared to other parts of the world. You need technical talent that can work with you during your work hours. Our team members can mostly be found in Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Central Standard Time.
Where do the engineers that I hire work?
Out of our fully-equipped offices in Lima, Peru.

How are you so sure you can find the talent I need in Latin America?
We have ourselves depended on finding top talent in Latin America for over 5 years. Our knowledge of the market is so in-depth, we know exactly where to look for the resources your company needs.
Where are your U.S. offices located?
Find us at Parisoma tech co-working space in San Francisco, California.

Our Services & Network (5)

What if no TECLA resources that fit my criteria are currently available?
It definitely can happen. Some of our engineers might be booked and working with different companies. However, we strive to keep the recruiting process as streamlined and short as possible. We are confident that we can find the right candidate within 1-3 weeks after receiving your detailed request. We need some time, and sometimes the process can't be immediate, but it's critical that we strive to keep our standards high, and we always need to make sure to find you a candidate who has thoroughly passed all of our evaluations.
Will you manage my project or work on a per-project basis?
If you are looking to oursource a project or hire our agency, contact us at Tecla Labs.