React Native: Debugging with Google Chrome

React Native and Chrome have already become friends, and we learned the most important issues at hand in the first installment of this post. But we’re not perfect.

We now have to learn to deal with the small errors that may occur when writing code.

We must remain calm, now is when we learn the most.

Ready? Now, let’s begin.

By Erick Arroyo

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Getting started with React Js and Node Js

Node + React = Tutorial!

Be prepared and don’t miss key details of this article that give you the best jump start to programming topics.

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Angular 2: An Introduction

Angular 2 returns with all it’s got, proving it’s significantly better than the first version.

Don’t miss this latest installment that lets you experience a novel version of a previously known program.

By Erick Arroyo

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5 extremely strange programming languages

A brief stock-take of slightly strange programming languages that are none-the-less a treasure trove of IT history.

Would you know how to code in these languages?

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10 steps toward a great resumé

It’s hard for programmers to allocate enough time to create a great resumé. This is why we are providing a practical guide on how to design your resume to get hired by the best companies.

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6 tips for optimizing the learning of programming

Tips are very necessary when we speak of order and progress. Programming, in terms of learning, it is much more methodical and demanding because, as we all know, it uses languages that are nearly universal, and must be respected as such, in order for them to work to perfection.

Today I am providing a list with 6 tips to make your learning in the programming world much more fluid and effective.

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The 20 companies where you can find the best paid engineers. [Part 1]

Happy engineers: Offices where being a programmer is a great advantage


There exist various locations where daily there are engineers working on the creation and maintenance of applications, softwares, platforms, webs, etc., for different companies. And others simply work for one of these companies and generate opinions such as the ones that you will see in the first part of the following list.

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Teamwork: What a leader has to know

Teamwork has a lot of meaning, so long as it is always executed in the right way by the leader.

Obviously, there should be a leader who is ready to handle situations, and is trained to face the amazing experience of seeing a project becoming reality due to the efforts of a group of hard working people.

Here comes a short list of skills that a leader should consider to reach the harmony needed by a team at work.

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5 Tips to Make Remote Software Developers Love Being a Part of Your Team!

Be the key of their experience.

Remote software developers can be the biggest part of your team. At, we specialize in working with companies interested in hiring and integrating full-time, vetted, software developers from around the globe.

In this article, you will find some tips to make your team work better and raise straight to your company goals


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