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Refer your friends and earn USD 500 if they get hired!

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Our recruiting team will review their profiles. If they are a good match, they will be invited to be a part of our TECLA talent network.
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We will send them job opportunities that match their experience and interests. If they get hired by one of our clients (in the first six months), we will send you USD 500 on the first day at their new job. It's a WIN-WIN.
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I have referred three of my friends; they were all hired after a few weeks at different companies. The recruitment team is highly diligent. They followed up with me and my referrals very frequently to keep us all in the loop.

Jessica Jimenez, QA Tester

Jessica Jimenez, QA Tester

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers. If you want to learn more, reach out via email

Can I only refer my friends or colleagues currently living in LATAM?

Yes. The engineers and tech professionals in our network are based all over Latin America. All our job opportunities are 100% remote.

If my friend gets hired, how do I get my cash reward?

Once they accept the offer, we will notify you. We will send your cash reward on the first day of their new job. PayPal is preferable, but we are flexible on payment solutions.

Is there a limit to referrals or rewards?

Not at all! As long as your friends have experience in the tech industry, solid English proficiency, and are LATAM-based, you can send them over!

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