Software Engineer (Javascript/Rails)


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Our client provides a platform for employee motivation and engagement, broadcasting live updates on big-screen TVs, web and mobile devices. Our product makes the workplace engaging by recognizing top performers and facilitating friendly competitions.

Job Description

They are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join their team, working on both backend and frontend. Their application uses a micro-services backend architecture implemented with Ruby on Rails, and our frontend is AngularJS. They also have multiple integrations with 3rd party platforms using REST APIs. To be successful in this role, you must be a self-starter AND a team player, as you will collaborate closely with other Engineers, QA, PM and UX while working in a lean, agile process. Requirements * 3+ years of experience in design and implementation of cloud-based applications * Experience with objected-oriented design, distributed systems and Unix systems * Experience integrating with 3rd party applications and tools * Experience implementing applications using SQL and noSQL databases * 1+ years experience with Javascript and and AngularJS * 1+ years experience with Ruby on Rails * Experience implementing RESTful web services * Experience with CRMs such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics * Strong time management skills * Experience with agile software development practices and process preferred * BS in Computer Science or related technical field


Only candidates from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay

Intermediate or advanced spoken English is required for ALL opportunities. If you can't speak English yet, please keep practicing and apply in the future.

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