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Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, BuildFire is changing the game for businesses in how they build, manage, and deploy a mobile app solution. Let’s face it, smartphones are not going anywhere, more and more companies are turning to BuildFire to solve challenges with their internal employee communication strategy or a strategy to gain and build loyalty with customers. Our app development platform powers over 10,000 mobile apps with millions of users using our apps every day. G2 Crowd - Top B2B Tech in San Diego 2018 TEDx - Most innovative companies in San Diego 2017

Job Description

We’re looking for a self motivated individual, that’s looking to deliver best in class app experiences. While there is a heavy focus on design, we also need you to be familiar with UI frameworks and modern JavaScript. The ideal candidate will be a team player, be able to write maintainable and performant code, while at the same creating pixel perfect designs. Over all, we are looking for someone who takes pride in their work and wants to build cutting edge solutions. *** Responsibilities: *** UX/UI -implementation of high fidelity mockups, and best in class app experiences. -In case high fidelity designs are not provided, implement a world-class UI by drawing upon other parts of the system for inspiration. -Adhere to the company’s style guides during implementations. -Inherit code from legacy systems and enhance the UI -Inherit functional code from full stack engineers and enhance the UI -Implement responsive designs for mobile phones, tablets and desktop. Performance -Deliver performant JavaScript and CSS -Optimizing for first meaningful paint Testing -Help define acceptance tests -Test work thoroughly, before delivering to QA. -Test design and performance on iOS and Android as well as desktop -Growth -Continually learn and improve skills over time. -Offer innovative ideas to the team -Teamwork -Work with both technical and non-technical team members. Share knowledge, participate in occasional pair and mob programming. *** Technical Skills *** -HTML5 -CSS3+ -JavaScript (ES6) -Experience with either ReactJS or AngularJS -Experience with either SASS or LESS -Experience with performance testing -Experience with Build/bundling Tools such as Gulp, Webpack, Parcel, etc -Ability to review and audit UX/UI designs for flaws in flow and business logic Bonus skills -NodeJS -MongoDB -AWS *** Work Environment *** We are a fast paced company looking for people who can self manage and don’t shy away from a challenge. While we all work very hard to build disrupting technologies we don’t encourage overtime or weekend work. We are a team of highly driven individuals who work towards a common goal.

Only candidates from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay

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