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We are recruiting for a company that has transformed the doctor’s appointment into a personalized digital experience, where patients can share information with their doctor and take ownership of their own health management. Their venture-backed solution spans the appointment life cycle, from the time the appointment is scheduled, to the waiting room, to the exam room, to checkout, using technology deployed on tablets and personal devices. They have a fast-paced emerging growth company that is looking for a Senior Ruby On Rails Engineer to support our triple-digit annual user growth. You will have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and passionate culture looking to make a difference.

Job Description

As a Senior Ruby On Rails Engineer, you’ll work on a closely-knit team with a technology stack built on top of Ruby on Rails 5.2. They like to work with modern technologies, always try to do what is best for the customer and put more value on teamwork than rock stars and cowboys. Key Responsibilities:​​ - Design, build and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable Ruby code. - Lead the technical design and development of major platform components to help the Epion platform scale with our explosive user growth. - Actively promote code quality, organization, and automatization - Build new features to improve patient experience and medical staff efficiency - Shape our product roadmaps by being data-driven and creative - Use and promote TDD best practices - Pair program with team members of different experiences - Be a mentor when you have the expertise / Be a student when someone else does Required Experience or Skills: - 3+ years experience with Ruby on Rails - Expert knowledge of feature/end-to-end and unit tests - Experience developing with at least one modern JavaScript library (Angular, React, VueJS, Ember, etc.) - Experience in a startup environment with a lot of autonomy - Experience working with a Continuous Integration environment (CircleCI, Codeship, Jenkins, etc.) - Understanding and commitment to Agile processes - Great communication, particularly in explaining your coding processes, suggestions for best practices, and identifying ways to improve the team’s coding quality Desired Skills & Experience: - React.js experience, in particular, a strong plus - Previous experience with HL7 and FHIR - Previous experience with Docker - Previous experience with Swift or other iOS development - Experience with Compile to Native JS frameworks (Cordova, Ionic, React Native, etc.)


Only candidates from Argentina

Intermediate or advanced spoken English is required for ALL opportunities. If you can't speak English yet, please keep practicing and apply in the future.

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