Full-Stack Software Engineer (Ruby + JS)


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Designing and building ambitious digital products and tools is what our client does best. They have a talented team of thinkers and makers from many disciplines and backgrounds, that believe in well-crafted, meaningful digital experiences that have a profound impact. They focus first on people: their clients, their customers, and their team, affirming that small teams of skilled strategists, researchers, designers, and engineers can move mountains when aligned by a common vision and mission. Innovation is a constant for this company, and their goal is changing the world by turning complex systems into simple and intuitive interfaces, to help their clients achieve breakthrough outcomes.

Job Description

In this role, you will work closely with your teammates and customers, provide empathetic guidance and feedback to the client on product decisions during a project and make sure their project stays on time and within budget. You will champion and evolve our internal development process, where writing well-tested and maintainable code is a must. You'll walk the line between pragmatism and theory to build the best solution in each situation and shift between various programming languages, frameworks, and platforms as the industry and customer needs to evolve. We are looking for someone compassionate, optimistic, and people-focused, that can collaborate with project managers and project leads in planning and estimation sessions and also is able to teach and learn from fellow team members. Technical Skills: The projects from this company are largely greenfield web and mobile applications, but also sometimes involve extensions to existing systems. Projects tend to last 3-9 months, so you'll be exposed to many different systems and business verticals. They do most projects in Ruby, JavaScript, and various mobile technologies. They occasionally have projects in the Python, Java, .NET, and Node ecosystems. Nothing is off-limits, however, so familiarity with any modern framework, even one not on our list, is a plus. They subscribe to a modern, evolving process that has us writing tests for almost all the code we add to a codebase. They also believe in continuous integration/delivery and do frequent deployments on every project. Their projects rarely work with dedicated QA personnel. Personal Competencies: - Excellent communication skills; they like to describe themselves as concise, accurate, and warm, but direct. - Experience working in collaborative team environments - where you are counted on, and you can count on your team. - Highly attentive to details. - Focused on productivity and delivering value. - Self-directed and capable of adding value without micromanagement. - Alignment with their core values of quality work, ethics, and integrity.


Only candidates from United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay

Intermediate or advanced spoken English is required for ALL opportunities. If you can't speak English yet, please keep practicing and apply in the future.

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