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This Washington DC-based technology company is focused on providing next-generation Lending Decisions using AI. Their AI platform provides Lending and Credit Decisions as a Service, customer engagement to nudge behavior and guarantee stickiness, and predictive analytics. They work with Digital Lenders, Mobile money, and eCommerce platforms to enable them with AI-driven lending decisions and help them scale. Worldwide, 1 in 4 people do not have fair access to credit and over 1.8 Billion are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty. A variety of financial services platforms are emerging to solve this mega challenge. For these platforms to maximize impact, they need to be powered by fully automated lending decisions, have an intimate understanding of their customers, and enabled to expand their reach. That is the value proposition that our client brings to the table. Using a foundation of years of lending expertise in data starved environments, their team has developed AI algorithms wrapped in a comprehensive product platform that enables fair and inclusive lending About their Company Culture They are looking for people with the following traits: * Independent judgment – Excellent ability to strategize/prioritize in a complex environment without too much supervision. Strives for freedom and responsibility. Embraces uncertainty. Results-oriented and focuses on delivering the best possible solution. Constantly sensing what is needed and responding. * Energy – Full of excitement and passion. Loves what he/she does and is full of optimism and curiosity. Has fun at work and is excited by challenges. * Innovation – Cultivates a culture of continuous innovation. Able to balance meeting short-term needs with longer-term improvements. Brings new ideas and contributes to all aspects of the business, not just the job title he/she has. * Challenge – Challenges things he/she does not agree with or understand to understand further and bring better solutions. Is always respectful but never afraid to speak his/her mind and challenge all ideas regardless of who presents them. Has the courage to question actions inconsistent with his/her values. * Kindness - Respect, Honesty, Openness, Selflessness. Supports others and sees others as part of the same team. We are competitive with the market, not with each other.

Job Description

Our client is looking for a full-stack Data Scientist with strong theoretical/statistical background and practical programming experience to join their growing team of experts. You would be responsible for contributing to our company’s core technology - creating machine learning models that consume both traditional and non-traditional data to deliver innovative credit scoring solutions and analytics. This position is for someone who enjoys taking responsibility for the entire model lifecycle from data (requirements gathering, client communication, data prep) to model building to deployment (writing and testing production inference code). The ideal candidate enjoys a challenge every day and drives continuous innovation by constantly learning and improving. The right candidate will be excited by the prospect of bringing creative improvements to our data science technology to support our next generation of products.  Experience/Education * Degree in relevant technical field (Statistics, Math, Data Science, Computer Science, Physics, Quantitative Finance, etc.) * Master’s degree or higher with 1+ years professional experience building ML models OR Bachelor’s degree with 3+ years professional experience building ML models Skills & Tools * Expert level knowledge of Python for data analysis and ML modeling * Proficient with at least one of the following Python packages: Sklearn, Tensorflow, PyTorch * Familiar with common supervised and unsupervised ML techniques * Knowledge of deep learning * Experience deploying production ML models – added plus * Experience with credit risk modeling or financial data – added plus * Experience with Spark, Hadoop, and NoSQL databases – added plus * Excellent verbal and written communication skills   Responsibilities * Write enterprise grade software. * Responsible for the creation and development of our machine learning based credit scoring models as well as developing our predictive and prescriptive analytics * Own full timeline of new model development including data ask, data preparation, EDA, outcome definition, feature engineering, training, testing, and implementation * Perform custom model updates which incorporate business needs of clients * Work closely with software development team to support deployment efforts * Use cutting edge techniques to enhance model interpretability and increase transparency of machine learning models * Clearly explain models at different levels of granularity to all members of team with different backgrounds, as well as to clients * Understand issues and limitations related to Machine Learning, devise unique and creative solutions to build the product * Perform Research & Development to build out new capabilities including fraud detection, financial time-series forecasting, and product recommendation system * Perform constant research and remain aware of latest cutting-edge techniques in machine learning * Innovate for performance, security, and manageability. * Participate in architecture, design, and code reviews. * Learn continuously.


Only candidates from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay

Intermediate or advanced spoken English is required for ALL opportunities. If you can't speak English yet, please keep practicing and apply in the future.

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