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We are working with a high-growth technology startup building an audience platform that is changing the way businesses acquire, retain, and winback their customers. The list of clients they've worked with include Google, Indeed, and the Boston Red Sox. They apply best-in-class architecture and technology to build a system that is both functional and beautiful to supercharge their client's marketing and sales tools with intelligent customer audiences built-in BigQuery

Job Description

We are looking for an outstanding Cloud Data Engineer that wants to make an impact by shaping the future of our tech stack. Responsibilities: ● Build cloud infrastructure that enables deploying machine learning models over billions of historical data points. ● Develop data pipelines powered by Apache Spark and other modern big data processing systems. ● Develop a data backend comprised of transactional, analytical, and NoSQL databases. Maintain a data lake that supports fast and reliable analytics of terabytes of data. ● Monitor the performance of machine learning models and data pipelines, ensuring the integrity of incoming data feeds. ● Build orchestration tooling necessary to coordinate data pipelines and find opportunities to unify our infrastructure. ● Work extensively on our data infrastructure, including data streaming, data integration, and internal tooling for data warehouses across GCP BigQuery, AWS Redshift, and Snowflake. ● Our backend stack includes Python, Airflow, dbt, Spark, Django, and Terraform with Kubernetes. Qualifications: ● 5+ years work experience in Data Engineering at scale and in production, supporting the use cases listed above. ● Strong demonstrated ability to lead systems design while working well with a team. ● Strong ownership of your work with a focus on shipping. ● Fluent in English for work in software development and engineering.


Only candidates from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay

Intermediate or advanced spoken English is required for ALL opportunities. If you can't speak English yet, please keep practicing and apply in the future.

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