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This startup 'digitizes' physical retail spaces to create more relevant consumer experiences and optimize sales for retailers. Their platform is purpose-built to answer the radical and permanent shift in consumer behavior by using real-time data and conditions to deliver localized, timely, and meaningful messages directly to customers on-site in physical retail locations. They have a unique approach to marketing automation in a retail environment takes advantage of digital best practices and tools: creating speed, convenience, and relevance. They merge all of the functionality of classic digital display networks (scheduling, tracking, device management, reporting) with the additional and unique capability of reacting to a broad variety of data, in real time.

Job Description

The Ad Content Specialist assists in the development of campaigns and insights that we suggest to our customers. Campaigns include all the requisite items to publish Facebook & Instagram advertisements including images, copy, budget, and targeting. Insights are strategic items we notice about our clients that influence subsequent campaigns our client generates. You’ll be comfortable: ● Having empathy for customers and their business needs. ● Being equal parts creative and analytical. ● Supplementing the creation of advertisements that our software generates. ● Learning how new systems and software work. You might have: ● Understanding of how Facebook and Google ads work. ● Past creative experience including using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. ● Experience using a CRM to track interactions with prospects and customers. ● Comfort with working remotely with minimal oversight while being self-motivated and not need someone else to make you want to be successful. The Ad Content Specialist will report directly to the Lead Ad Content Specialist and be supported by their Client Operations Team and Product Team. You’ll be key to the success of our new product and customer satisfaction. Tools We Use: ● Hubspot as our CRM and customer servicing tool ● Image editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop ● Chrome for using the Targetable admin portal ● Slack for messaging ● G-Suite ○ Gmail for email ○ Google docs ○ Google sheets ○ Google slides ○ Meet for internal conference calls About the Client Operations Team: The Client Operations Team is responsible for assisting the customers with their day-to-day questions regarding our product; interacting with the customers across different channels such as chat, email, phone and social; understanding the customers’ needs such that they can include them in future iterations of their products; and being their voice across various social media platforms. What You’ll Accomplish: Within 7 Days ● You’ll meet everyone you’ll work with. ● Learn the tools we use. ● Join all recurring meetings you’ll regularly attend. ● Mirror existing team members and simulate work that you’ll take over. ● Be introduced to KPIs that measure your impact on our business. ● Have worked on live advertisements and insights that our customers will see and publish. Within 30 Days ● Be fully self-sufficient on working with our system to interact with advertisements and insights. ● Understand and proactively report on KPIs to how the business is doing. Within 90 Days ● Suggest improvements to our processes and procedures. ● Be a leader on our Client Operations team.


Only candidates from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay

Intermediate or advanced spoken English is required for ALL opportunities. If you can't speak English yet, please keep practicing and apply in the future.

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