Companies all over the world - large and small - experience challenges when faced with the need to augment their number of in-house technical resources. When considering hiring remotely, quality, communication, timezones, and cultural differences have always proved to be the most important factors.

Our unique solution for working with full-time agile development resources helps you reap the benefits of a regional talent pool while keeping the development 100% in-house. This isn't outsourcing, there isn't a 3rd party building your products. You bring in your own developers through TECLA.

Total Integration

Your TECLA hires directly join your team, just like any other full-time employee working remotely.


We only connect you with talent we've personally screened, tested, and worked with. English is required.

Same Timezones

Engineers are on Eastern Standard Time or Central Standard Time. That's like working in New York or Chicago.

Zero Risk

You won't be billed anything if you are not satisfied during the first two weeks of working with your new hire.


Typical Employment

Virtual Platforms*

1. Time to find Developer
0-2 weeks 1-4 months ~1 month
2. Pre-Screened Candidates
3. Guaranted Timezone Overlap
4. Quality Guarantee
5. Success Rate
Very high High Very low
6. Termination Costs
None Very high None
7. Access to Global Talent
8. Smart Matching Engine
9. Collaborative Workspaces

Why Us?

Time is of the essence.

Going through traditional hiring, in a uniquely competitive market, can take lots of time. Traditional virtual platforms are quick but risky. We provide a solution that has mitigated risks, reduced time-to-hire drastically, and gets you the talent you need to grow.

Quality is guaranteed.

When trying to hire the best engineers and designers, few other solutions offer quality that is guaranteed. When you grow your team using TECLA, you get a 2-week trial period with every hire. If you aren't clicking with that new team member during that first 2-week period, we won't bill you anything.

Timezones are the same.

Candidates are on Central Standard Time or Eastern Standard Time. With today's remote-working tools, the industry has opened itself up to finding top talent regardless of geography, but we need constant communication. If you are sleeping while your remote hires are working, or vice-versa, things won't work.

Communication is key.

You are looking for a partner and a team member. Communication is crucial. We test and share with our hiring partners each candidate's read/spoken/written English level. We are 100% committed to only working with engineers and designers who can communicate smoothly in English.

Cultural similarities.

Fully integrating remote workers with company culture is not only important but directly related to quality and long-term growth. TECLA boasts a network of talented engineers and designers who live in the U.S. or in Latin America, and understand Western professional standards.

We know the landscape.

Tecla.io's main competitive advantage when compared to other remote hiring solutions is that we KNOW our developers. Instead of working with developers and designers in countries and regions of the world that we are not familiar with, we specialize in getting the best talent in the U.S. and Latin America. Find out how.