Our Process

Through TECLA, you integrate superb developers and designers who interface in part-time or full-time commitments with your team as internal team members working from home would. Forget about writing detailed spec docs, emailing them across the world, dealing with middle managers, or paying flat project fees with waterfall standards.

Start a Talent Search.

Click on "Hire Talent", and submit a request for resources. With the details you provide us, we'll be able to get started immediately on matching you with the right team members.


We find the right match.

We'll notify you to let you know the status of your request. Together, we'll find the right match for your needs. All of our team members are thoroughly evaluated, and you are part of the interview and selection process.


You get a new teammate!

Once you've evaluated our matches for your request, hire the designers and engineers you want to work with, and get started the same way you do with in-house developers.

1. Tell us what your needs are.

Please be as detailed as possible, so that we can serve you better.

Once you are on TECLA's "Hire Talent" form, get started filling out some information as to the type of engineers or designers you are looking for. TECLA can handle your requests regardless of the size of the team needed. You might need one engineer, or you might need an entire team of engineers and designers. We can handle it.

Once your request is received, one of our team leads will reach out to answer questions you might have and give you an overview of our process and timeline.

Hire Talent

2. We find the right match, together.

One of our team leads will work with you to hone in on the right team members.

Deeply understanding our team's skills, our team leads can quickly navigate through our talent pool to find you the right team members for your needs.

Our network is made up of the the best remote engineers and designers in the U.S. and Latin America. We have grassroots efforts in several LATAM countries, strong ties with the developer community, experience working with Latin America teams for our own software development, and more. We'll work closely with you offering a personalized approach to recruiting talent anywhere throughout the U.S. or Latin America.

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3. Get to work with your new hire.

Once you've reviewed and signed off on a candidate, it's time to get to work.

Once we find you the right team member, sign off on the one you are interested in to get started the same way you would with a full-time, in-house, resource.

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